Freefire Ufone Internet

Freefire Ufone Internet daily offer, 2024

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Freefire Ufone Internet daily offer

Resources of this Freefire Ufone Internet daily offer are as under.

Total 750 MB (250MB Data+500MB)

(Fair Usage Policy may apply)

24-hour / 1 day

Dial *8080#

Unsub service not available

PKR 12 + Tax

Freefire Ufone Internet daily offer, Summery

Freefire Ufone Internet daily offer is a package for those who love to play FreeFire games. Ufone offers 750 MBs for 24 hours, 250 MB from it is considered data MBs, which means you may enjoy browsing and video streaming, while the rest 500 MBs can be consumed by playing Free Fire. This package is in Rupees 5 + taxes with one-day validity (24 hours).

Freefire games are basically played with HD graphics with a quality interface, so this game consumed so much data or you may say MBs. Big screen means big slot consumption of internet. Nowadays prices are hiked and that’s why the Freefire Ufone Internet package really suits a lot to Freefire game players.

After the expiry of these MBs, the standard rate may be charged to the user. Standard charges are 2.75 rupees for one MB, and after consuming 25 MBs, Ufone offers 150 MBs more to their customers as a gift. This package is in Rupees 5 + taxes with one-day validity (24 hours).

How to activate Freefire Ufone Internet package

  1. Open your mobile.
  2. Go to dial keypad
  3. Type *8080#
  4. Press call
  5. USSD code will start processing
  6. After completion, your package will be activated.
  7. Standard charges may apply.

What is FreeFire

Free Fire is a Battlefield video-playing game, compiled by Garena. It can be downloaded and installed on both Android and iOS. In 2019, this game became the most downloaded game, and after that, it’s noted that one million players were playing this game at a time.

FreeFire can be played in two modes, one called Battle Royale and the second called Clash Squad. In Battle Royale mode, 50 players land on the island, and they must fight till the last player is alive. In Clash Squad, two teams played each other, every team made a four-player team. They play five matches together, and winor must win 3 out of 5 matches.

Players can use heavy weapons, and other tools, to win, Their ranking system is divided into seven tiers. FreeFire has now become an international e-sports fixture, and now there are help Freefire Worldcup and many more competitions online and winners win heavy price money as a reward. If you want to know more about FreeFire, then click here.


The package we discussed in this article named Freefire Ufone Internet is basically for new and Pro Freefire gamers, who love to play games. They can subscribe to this Freefire package and can taste the action of games, through this package. If you are even random player, you also can use this Freefire Ufone Internet package, this package suits you a lot. With 12 rupees, you may enjoy hassle-free game action and kill your time in a better way.

Moreover, the Freefire Ufone Internet package is just for the FreeFire game, so 750 Mbs is more than enough for any game player for one day. But because as we told this consumed a lot of MBs, so need to remain vigilant during playing, if your MBs are finished, you may charge extra amounts for the usage of MBs without the package.

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