Top-Up Your SCOM

How to Recharge SCOM Sim, Top-Up Your SCOM 4G sim load, and Balance from Home. 2024

SCOM is a mobile telecommunication company providing its service including Top-uP YOUR SCOM, in cities like northern areas and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The facilities in AJK, Skardu, and Gilgit Baltistan area are somehow not as you get in Islamabad, That is why in that area SCOM trying to provide internet and other needs somehow in a good manner.

Topping up your Scom is a big issue in that area. Many people contact retailers or top shops, and many times find the same answer, that they just finished the balance, and that time you actually in need of balance. sometimes you did notice at midnight that you finished the balance or package. then you become upset, that now what to do. so the solution is available with hitello, hitello brings a complete method to recharge your balance, without going anywhere, even at home. You didn’t need to go out from home.

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SCOM is a mobile service, which is good in Northern areas of Pakistan and AJK (Azad Jammu & Kashmir) but difficult to maintain top-up your SCOM.

You can purchase a sim anywhere in the northern & AJK areas by providing your National identity card or passport for verification and proceeding with some entries, like your name, country, and thump sign. , you can visit anywhere in any city of Northern or AJK.

You should know that

If you already purchased five other telecom SIMs, Even then you can buy SCOM sim as many as you want. there is no limit to buying sims as in Othe parts of Pakistan.

SCOM provides its recharge service somehow different from other telecom. Here we will explain how can you recharge your balance, mobile load, and other requirements.

There are three ways, to recharge the SCOM sim. These three are very simple ways to recharge.

  • Credit / Debit card
  • Alflah Bank
  • S Paisa / Alfa Wallet

Top-Up Your SCOM / Recharge SCOM sim via Credit / Debit card

  1. 1st step is to visit SCOM’s official website. and click on Online Payment for Top-Up Your SCOM, this is 1st step for the top-up of your number.
Top-Up Your SCOM

2. 2nd step is to select what you want to recharge, whether you want to mobile top-up, postpaid load, Mifi, landline pay, DSL payment, GPON payment, Duplicate bill, or order tracking, let’s suppose you want to recharge your mobile sim balance. select mobile top-up

Top-Up Your SCOM

3. The third step is to add your mobile number in a tab, and check mark/tick/click the I’m not a robot. and click Continue

Top-Up Your SCOM

4. Forth step is to add your mobile no, in the mobile number tab, the amount of balance (Rs. 50 or above), or you can select shortcut amounts like 100, 200, 500, 800, 1000, 2000 PKR, and then select Payment method from credit/debit card, Alfalah bank, Spaisa/alfa wallet, in current balance tab, you will see what is your previous balance in your sim account, at the end click Proceed Payment.

5. If you want to pay SCOM balance via Debit/Credit card, for this purpose when you look at debit and credit card (as per line no 4) you will see this interface, fill up all the details, like your name, Email, country, mobile number, payment method, card no, Expiry and CVC number, click or acknowledge term and condition. and click pay now

6. If you want to pay via your Alflah Bank, SPaisa, or Alfa app/wallet then you will see this interface, fill up all the info like name, email address, country, mobile number, payment method, and account number in payment instrument details. then accept/click terms and conditions, and click pay now to proceed and Top-Up Your SCOM,

We hope you Top-Up Your SCOM till this step. If you find any issue, do comment. your comments mean a lot to us.

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Ending Note:

Scom no doubt provides good services, but we recommend them to open slots of Top-Up Your SCOM via Easypasia, and the Jazz Cash application because this is the basic and fundamental right of the business to facilitate your customers. In Pakistan, not all citizens have debit/credit cards in their pocket. but Easypaisa or jazz cash is one that is available and acceptable in any part. This will help you to Top-Up Your SCOM sim without any issue.