jazz monthly max offer

Jazz Monthly Max offer 40 GB, the Best jazz package for 2024

Jazz Monthly Max offer presents a top-notch package tailored for Jazz customers. It is renowned as the Jazz 40 GB internet package, providing 40 GB along with an extra 5 GB for a complete 30 days, making it an ideal resource for a month. Furthermore, Jazz introduces a variety of packages, including Jazz SMS packages, Jazz call packages, Jazz weekly, daily, and monthly packages, Jazz data SIM packages, Jazz social packages, and more.

jazz monthly max offer

Jazz Monthly Max offer


On Net Minute


Off-Net Minutes


SMS for all Network

40 GB + 5 GB


30 days


Rs 1500/-

Incl Tax


Dail it for the Activation. *708*2# for status.


Jazz Monthly Max Offer is designed to meet the user’s preferences. This package includes 3000 on-net minutes, 500 off-net minutes, 3000 SMS, and a substantial 40 GB of data, along with an additional free 5 GB internet, valid for 30 days or a month. To activate this offer, simply dial *708# for Rs 1500/-

  • On net 3000 minutes.
  • Off-net 500 minutes.
  • SMS 3000.
  • Internet 40 GB+ 5 GB
  • Validity 30 days.
  • For activation *708#
  • For Status chack *708*2#
  • Unsubscribe *708*4#

Term and Conditions

  1. This Jazz Monthly Max offer is valid for 30 days, concluding at the end of this period from activation.
  2. It’s important to note that this offer is non-recurring, requiring users to manually reactivate it once it expires.
  3. On net, off net and data is for 24 hour usage, no limit apply.
  4. No call setup charges applied at this package.
  5. Once Data finished, will charge extra amount.
  6. The speed of 3G and 4G networks is contingent upon factors such as geographical location, signal strength, and the capabilities of your mobile device. Nevertheless, the company strives to provide a commendable internet speed for all its users.

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