JAZZ TUNE CODES are something which you need for caller rings,


Jazz musicians craft various types of musical compositions tailored for their audience. Customers have needs to jazz tune codes to activate these tunes, encompassing classic, jazz, folk, rock, blues, electronic, and spiritual or religious music. The jazz library encompasses a diverse collection of these jazz tune codes , offering a comprehensive musical experience.

What you get here?

This post provides information on various codes for activating different tunes (Jazz tune lagane ka tarika) as well as unsubscribing from Jazz tunes (Jazz tune khatam karne ka tarika). It also includes a list of several Jazz tunes along with their respective activation codes.


Jazz offers unique codes for its customers, enabling them to choose from various categories when dialled. These categories encompass a wide range of options, including Islamic jazz tune codes, Indian song jazz tune codes, Pakistani Pop songs, and more.

To access a variety of Jazz tones, click on the provided link to download the Jazz Tones application. This app offers a diverse range of tones for you to explore and enjoy.

To activate Jazz caller tones, simply dial 203 from your mobile. Pay close attention to the tones after pressing 3, and you will receive a notification containing the code for that specific tone. Alternatively, if you wish to activate Jazz Apni Dhun, dial *2302*RBTCode# from your phone’s dialling pad.

Activate Jazz Caller Tones
Dial or Write in message, SUB and send to 203 (listion and dial 3)
Dial or Write in message, UNSUB and send to 203
Charges 3.01 (Incl Tax) Rupees Per day
IVR charges, Rs. 0.72/Min (By dialling 2301)
Content Download charges Rs.11.53 (Incl. tax)
To activate dial *2302*RBTCode#


There is a wide selection of Jazz caller tunes, and we’ve chosen a variety of them randomly for our followers to enjoy. All these tones can be accessed conveniently by dialling code 203. To activate a jazz tune codes, first, choose the Jazz tones you prefer, note their respective codes, and press the selected code from your mobile.

There are some random collection of jazz tone codes for you. Either you can choose many more jazz tone codes from here

1. Pakistani jazz tone codes

1Kala Jora Pa468019
2Yar way tediyan ay tasveraan414891
3Dil jale469036
4Aydi Chati tu to468499
5Sohna mashooq howay426024

2. Indian Songs Jazz Tone codes

1Rab Na kary424276
2Dil e Nadaan326418
3Bas rehnay dy229033
4Mile Hu tum hum ku415433
5Her aik muskurahat 164654

3. Gazal Indian and Pakistani Jazz tone codes

1Hum Tery Shehir mein 467207
2Tumein Dil lagi bhol jani 452924
3Souchta hu k wo kitny224576

4. Naat, Islamic Jazz Tone codes

1Ya Nabi Ya Nabi Ya Nabi472193
2Bhout Ranjeeda471393
3Hazoor aisa intizam hu jaiy471399

Are Jazz Tone Codes exclusive to prepaid customers, post-paid customers, or are they accessible for both customer types?

Yes, Jazz tone codes are universally applicable and can be activated by both prepaid and post-paid customers without any distinction.

Is the content of Jazz tones the same as the content of Jazz Apni dhun, or are they different?

Yes the content of jazz tone and apni dhun are same.

Is there any difference in charges of Jazz tones code and Apni Dhun offers?

No, both offer has same charges.

How many songs are available in Jazz tune codes library?

There are 40,000 plus songs tunes available there in library.

I have no balance, want to activate jazz tone codes of one song. will this will activated without balance or not?

Jazz provides the feature that users can activate Jazz tone codes even when they have insufficient balance. However, once the user recharges their account, the corresponding amount will be automatically deducted.

Term and Condition

These stipulations and terms are supplementary to the overarching terms and conditions that have been officially sanctioned by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The customer has previously agreed to these terms through the Customer Subscription Agreement Form (CSAF) or the electronic Customer Subscription Agreement Form (eCSAF) at the point of connection or SIM card activation.

  1. The pricing or charges for each offer, package, or bundle will be inclusive of all applicable taxes, regardless of the geographical area within the country where the respective offer, package, or bundle is activated or the service is utilized.
  2. The balance and recharge amounts needed for bundles may be rounded up to the nearest whole number.
  3. If you want not to report. un nessaory message. you need to reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000.
  4. Dial 420 to block un interest or promotional calls.
  5. Federal tax in Islamabad is 16%.
  6. A late fee of 50 Rupees, will be deducted after recharge.

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