Jazz Voice Infinity Offer

Jazz Voice Infinity Offer, Jazz 90 Days Best Package

For those who infrequently use their Jazz SIM, the Jazz Voice Infinity Offer is the optimal choice. This package provides users with both off-net and on-net minutes, spanning an impressive 90 days or three months. Jazz goes beyond its diverse range of offerings, including daily, weekly, and monthly packages, ensuring flexibility and variety for its customers. Make the most of your Jazz experience with the extended connectivity and convenience offered by the Jazz Infinity Offer.

Jazz Voice Infinity Offer

Jazz Voice Infinity Offer


On Net Minute (Jazz to Jazz)


Off-Net Minutes

90 days


Rs 100/-

Incl Tax


Dail it for the Activation, Status Code *710*2#


Get Jazz’s extensive resources for a remarkable 90 days at an affordable rate of just Rs 100 (inclusive of tax) with the Jazz Voice Infinity Offer. Enjoy the benefits of 120 On-Net minutes and 20 Off-Net minutes, all valid for three months. Referred to as the 3-month Jazz package, this offer ensures prolonged connectivity and value for money. To seize this incredible deal, simply dial *710# from your mobile keypad. Stay connected effortlessly with Jazz.

Term and Condition

  1. This package named Jazz Voice Infinity Offer is for 90 days / 3 months from the day of activation.
  2. This package requires manual activation.
  3. Jazz Voice Infinity Offer resources are useable for 24 hours, no time limit applies.
  4. If the incentive is used, extra resources will cost 2.25/MB.
  5. You can get multiple bundle offers with this package.
  6. No call setup charges are applied to this package.

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