Lebara's services

Some of Lebara’s services in KSA and Random FAQs (4G-5G) 2024

Here you will find some running horses of Lebara’s services and related questions and answers like how to check Lebara’s balance, Lebara’s package code monthly,

Lebara’s services

How to check Lebara’s Balance?

If you want to check your Lebara sim card balance, dial *110# from your mobile screen and dial the call button. Dial*000# If you want to check your Lebara sim basic balance via USSD. Otherwise, you need to log in to your Lebara app or call to helpline. Lebara’s Services provides this service for each phone. Lebara’s services bring happiness and an easy way of helping their customers,

What is the helpline number of Lebara Sim?

1755 is the IVR number of the Lebara sim card.

You Should Know!

IVR stands for Interactive Virtual Response, while USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.

How to recharge Lebara’s Voucher card or credit card?

Lebara’s Services includes Lebara voucher card or credit card, so If you want to recharge your Lebara balance via USSD, firstly, you need to purchase a voucher card from the nearest Lebara store, then dial *111* Scratch card number* ID number# your credit will be added to your account. another method to add your Lebara voucher card is to dial  *000# and select option 1 for recharge. It is important to inform you that entering a wrong voucher card, or scratch card may block your sim, that’s why enter correctly.

How to transfer/share my Lebara balance to another Lebara number?

Lebara is offering a facility to share your balance/credit/payment with another one as your friend, family member, or dear one. This Lebara’s Services basically enhances the relationship with each other. (funny) Simply, dial *111*2*Lebara Number*Enter the Amount# and daily. your balance will be shifted to another one. if you want to transfer your balance via USSD then dial *000#, select option 1 for recharge, option 2, and then enter the number where you want to share your credit, and then enter the amount.

You Should Know!

The balance sharing service fee is 50 Halalas. So perform this action when have enough balance.

My new Lebara sim is not Working.

It looks like you didn’t configure Mobile’s setting, you need to do some simple steps for Lebara’s configuration. But before doing this, you need to check your balance. Sometimes zero balance become one of the Main cause of not acting or calling. Lebara’s Services provides an APN setting but before this, you need to see if this setting is ok or not.

  • Go to your Phone menu
  • Then select the Network setting
  • Select Network selection /Connectivity
  • Click Manual Network Search
  • Then your smartphone will scan all the area networks, here search non-Lebara-Network.
  • Repeat from 1st to above mention process, but select Lebara, as your network.

Then restart your smartphone and check if Sim working or not. If not working, then do content nearest call centers.

How do I find my Lebara Number?

If you forget your Lebara sim number, then Dial *000# to display your number. You can also check your number on the back of the SIM packaging.

How to block SMS and Calls from Lebara’s sim?

Block Incoming Calls and SMSBlockUnBlockFee
Start ServiceB1 to 1755B0 to 1755Free service
All International callsB1 1 to 1755B0 1 to 1755Free service
Selected Countries BlockingB1 2 to 1755B0 2 to 1755SAR 10/ month
Selected International NumbersB1 3 to 1755B0 3 to 1755SAR 10/ month
Selected Local NumbersB1 4 to 1755B0 4 to 1755SAR 10/ month

I want to stop Ads SMS at my Lebara Sim. how do stop?

  • If you want to stop receiving SMS Ads, type “Stop all” and send to 313330. and if you want to start receiving these Ads, then type “Start all” and send it again to 313330.
  • If you want to stop specific Ads IDs or senders, you just need to type “stop [Ads name]” and send it to 313330, and if you want to restart that Ads receiving, then type “Start [ads Name]” and send it to 313330

Lebara’s Services actually earns money from ads running and advertisements.

What is the Lebara message center number for Android and iPhone?

For Andriod Users:- The correct message center number is +966576001441 for Andriod users & Lebara’s Services.

For iPhone Users:- If you have an iPhone, then dial  **5005*7672*+966576001441# to set up of message center number and Lebara’s Services.

List some useful Lebara dialing codes.

DetailsHow to Check Balance?Process
How to recharge?*111*Voucher/Scratch Card Number*ID Number#
or dial 1755
Dial *111*voucher number*ID number# then press call
Dial the code or call at helpline.*000#, *110#, 1755 (for main account)dial each code and then press call.
How to check Balance in bundles?*164#, 17551755 for Lebara users, and another one for those who call from other’s numbers.
Customer services number/contact1755, 5760017551755 for Lebara users, and another one for those who call from other’s numbers.
Change the language*000#, 1755*000# option 2 and select language, or daily 1755
Activate Voice Mail*222*41#Dial and press call to activate.
Access voice Mail from 1400Dial 1400 and then enter password 0000
Deactivate Voice Mail*222*40#*222*40# then press call to deactivate.
Transfer credit*111*2*Other Lebara Number*Amount#Dial all the code and press call.