Mobile Network Services in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country where things are not the same as other countries are enjoying, A Lot of taxes and Mismanagement in departments, make things worse. Here we will discuss things happening in Pakistan in the name of network.

Jazz Network is not Working

Jazz (Mobilink) Pakistan

Jazz You see a banner telling the story that it is a Pakistan no 1 network, and provides the best services across Pakistan. Somehow their loud claim is true, that Jazz is providing the best service in Pakistan. It is available in almost every corner of the country. This network is better in calling and so-so on the internet.

But, This makes things change, that their network is also now become old, and not providing best services in many areas. Due to inflation, they did not upgrade the system, which required badly.

ZONG Network is not Working

Zong Monthly Packages

Zong is famous for its internet speed, Yes, this network is not so famous, but is accepted by internet lovers, Because Zong provides good internet service and speed.

They advertise their network very effectively, but in Pakistan, no department fulfills their duty with honesty, that’s why these services, do not provide what to expect, just average service.

Zong also needs to upgrade their system, because old and expired modems and network systems are not able to meet today’s requirements.

Ufone, Telenor, PTCL not working

Telenor service pakistan

You may be surprised why Ufone, Telenor, and PTCL are jumbled in the Title. it is so because PTCL purchased Ufone and then Telenor. So, now both are working with their name under the banner of PTCL. This is because there are many hurdles in the business market of telecommunication.

Telenor was famous for its cheap packages, and Easypaisa app, While ufone is famous due to its cheap packages and social offers. Otherwise these two companies were providing amazing service in early days, but now these services are not much higher rated.

Call and Text Rating

Ufone/ Telenor / PTCL 0%

Internet Rating

Jazz internet0%
Ufone/ Telenor / PTCL0%

All networks are equal if considered on call, text, and internet service and area. Jazz is somehow better at providing services in almost every area, zong is good because of internet speed. PTCL, Ufone, and Telenor are ok at their cheap rates.

When the network not working, that means you need to check the APN setting first, then package or balance. if all checks are ok, then maybe be network closed to govt.