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If you reside in Pakistan, utilize an Android device, and find yourself in a situation where you need to ascertain the mobile number owner’s name details of a SIM card, regardless of the circumstances or reasons, Hitello consistently provides a user-friendly solution. We advocate for the responsible and lawful use of this service. In instances where someone is causing a disturbance by making repeated calls or giving missed calls to your home number, obtaining the mobile number owner’s name details becomes necessary, a matter we will address in this article.

Numerous telecom companies operate in Pakistan, offering user ownership details for some fees or without it. These companies include Ufone, Jazz, Telenor, Zong, and Warid. Suppose you are seeking information about the mobile number owner’s name details of a Ufone SIM Number, Jazz SIM Number details, Warid SIM owner’s name, Telenor owner details, and Zong’s owner details. In that case, it is essential to read through the entire content.

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  1. Jazz SIM owner details with NIC or Number.
  2. Onic SIM owner details with NIC or Number.
  3. Zong SIM owner details with NIC or Number.
  4. Ufone SIM owner details with NIC or Number.
  5. Warid SIM owner details with NIC or Number.
  6. Telenor SIM owner details with NIC or Number.

Were you aware?

A SIM card, also referred to as a Subscriber Identity Module, stores the details of the SIM owner and the mobile number along with the corresponding owner information.

In the initial stages of the telecom sector, individuals used to acquire SIM cards without any identification, a widespread practice in the Pakistani market. Even in local markets, it was common for people to obtain and use SIM cards without any associated cost. Unfortunately, this lax approach became a potential source for terrorism or facilitated terrorist activities. Following police investigations, Pakistani authorities decided to enforce SIM ownership registration. As a result, approximately 1.6 million unregistered and illegally used SIM cards were subsequently blocked

Currently, it is obligatory for individuals acquiring a SIM card to diligently register the SIM under their name, undergo thumb verification, and have their data verified by NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority), Pakistan. Following this process, the users gain the ability to connect their SIM to their chosen service provider. Moreover, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has imposed a restriction, limiting each user to obtaining only five SIM cards. The information regarding mobile number owner’s name detail provided by them is more accurate than other mediums.

NADRA SIM owner details (SIM owner details by CNIC)

The initial approach we will explore here involves discovering SIM ownership through NADRA. NADRA, the National Database Registration Authority, is a department responsible for maintaining comprehensive records for each SIM card number. NADRA mandates that the purchaser provides all necessary information for the SIM card, registering it under their name. Consequently, when someone seeks to verify SIM ownership details through NADRA, they can readily provide information about the SIM owner, including the owner’s name, NIC number, and an image of the SIM details associated with the given SIM number. It is important to know that NADRA only provides you with the Pak mobile number owner’s name.

If you are interested in learning how to inquire about Nadra’s SIM owner details and the associated method, you must complete the form accessible on the Nadra website. Fill out the form, providing details of the incident that necessitates the inquiry, and attach any FIR or other relevant legal documents before applying. Following this, you will need to remain in tracking mode to monitor the progress of the process. While the procedure may be challenging and time-consuming, the information is authentic and reliable.

If you want to fill out the form then click on the image, and it will redirect you toward the NADRA complaint process to get the mobile number owner’s name.


Check Ownership of mobile number with PTA

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) provides another method to obtain mobile number owner’s name details with 100% accuracy. The procedure is akin to reaching out to NADRA for information on Pakistani SIM ownership. To initiate this process, users are required to visit the PTA website and file a complaint by completing the necessary form. After submission, it is essential to stay in communication with the PTA, keeping abreast of updates regarding the complaint (mobile number owner’s name). While this approach may take time, the outcome is the acquisition of authentic information on Pakistani SIM ownership.

To access the form, click on the designated link, which will redirect you to the PTA complaint form. Carefully fill in the required fields and submit your application. It is important to mention that PTA offers a helpline for customer assistance, reachable at the toll-free number 0800-55055. The helpline operates from 9 AM to 9 PM daily, so you can call in this loop, and result you will get the mobile number owner’s name and details.


Pakistani SIM Owner detail by PTA code

To inquire about Pakistani SIM owner details using the PTA code, 668, simply send an SMS containing the NIC number to 668. This action will automatically connect with the PTA database, providing you with the ownership information of the SIM from which you sent the text. While the reply may take some time, it will include details such as the NIC number, name, and address associated with the specified SIM. The cost of SMS will be around Rs. 2.67/- This one is also the method to know the mobile number owner’s name.

SIM Owner Details Online Check

At times, individuals receive impolite calls from unknown persons, particularly in Asian countries where cases of harassment, especially towards girls, through mobile calls are prevalent. During such instances, individuals often wish to uncover the identity of the caller means they wish to know the mobile number owner’s name and understand how they obtained their phone number, especially if the caller is not within their family circle. Users make every effort to gather information about the caller ID. We provide additional details to facilitate a more comfortable and quicker process of identifying the mobile number owner’s name, whether it belongs to Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Warid, or Telenor.

Numerous online tools and websites are available for searching authentic details of mobile numbers, such as Carton Mobile Network, Mobile Tracker, and others, offering reliable data up to the year 2022. Post this timeframe, users can avail themselves of their services by purchasing packages, with options like checking details for 150 numbers at 1500 rupees for a one-month subscription. Alternatively, for individual SIM ownership checks, one can inquire via their WhatsApp number, incurring a cost of Rs 300 per mobile number owner’s name data.

Simply provide the mobile number, and you will receive information about that SIM’s data. If you are unable to find the details, you can leave a comment in the article section, and we will furnish you with the mobile number owner’s name from our available data sources.

SIM Details by number (mobile number owner’s name)

Users have the option to discover SIM details using numbers as well. All they need to do is input the unknown number into the search bar, and this will provide them with the name, NIC number, and address of the user or owner associated with that number. You can verify SIM details by number through the provided links and websites. Additionally, there are several applications available on the Google Play Store designed to assist you in finding the mobile number owner’s name and address.

sim number owner's details

SIM Number Details Online Pakistan

If you’re located in Pakistan and wish to verify SIM details online, you can install applications from the Play Store. The provided image indicates numerous applications on the Play Store, but it’s important to note that there are also many fake applications. It’s crucial to select a reliable one that provides accurate data rather than merely focusing on installations and advertisements. To achieve this, carefully analyze the available options.

  1. Choose the application that has been downloaded the most.
  2. Review the feedback by reading the initial 10 reviews and then explore additional reviews.
  3. Check the application’s rating; if it is 4 stars or higher, it is considered good.

Install the selected application and open it. Enter the number in the international format, as the application may prompt you to omit the initial zero.


After installing the app and entering the unknown number, clicking on the search button will provide you with mobile number owner name data. Copy the CNIC number from the results, and then perform a search using the CNIC number instead of the mobile number. This will yield all the details of numbers registered under that specific CNIC number.


Truecaller is an app that reveals the identity of a phone number. Simply install the application, sign in, and dial the number you wish to identify. The user’s name will be displayed on your screen. If you already have the Truecaller application on your mobile device, there’s no need to dial the number; when a call is received, Truecaller will automatically display the caller’s name.


If you are using Ufone, Jazz, Warid, Telenor, or Zong, and you want to check SIM ownership details or mobile number owner name then you need to dial these codes undermention.

  1. The new 7911 SMS service allows users to verify numbers by sending a free text with “V” to the shortcode 7911. This service offers a swift and convenient method for confirming the authenticity of registered numbers.

On a different note, Ufone, Telenor, Warid, Zong, and Jazz provide a service called “Who is,” allowing users to receive the name of an unknown caller via text. This service incurs a certain charge, and activation can be done by reaching out to their respective helplines, listed below. This service is very handy to search mobile number owner’s name.

The Ufone Helpline Number is 333.
Telenor Helpline Number is 345.
Zong Helpline Number is 130.
Jazz Helpline Number is 111.
SCOM helpline number is 111-123-456.


If you are seeking to verify SIM data ownership of any Ufone, Telenor, Zong, or Jazz number, then this comprehensive guideline will help you. you can get information via NADRA, and PTA, these are official channels and provide you with accurate details. it is noted that this service now provides a service name who is, which the user activates, and the company provides the user an SMS detail, carrying the information about who called them, and what is their name. From this service, users can have an idea of who is calling them or the mobile number owner’s name details and who is he.


Mobile phone shortcode.