New Atomic Battery

China claims to have developed a new atomic energy battery that could power smartphones for 50 years

China asserts that their revolutionary atomic energy battery are designed to be completely resistant to catching fire or exploding, regardless of whether exposed to low or high temperatures or even subjected to gunfire. These cutting-edge batteries, developed by the company Betavolt, boast an unparalleled level of safety, even though they pack a formidable punch of energy in relatively compact sizes.

China developed Atomic Energy Battery

Betavolt proudly announces the creation of a groundbreaking battery that, when integrated into smartphones, eliminates the need for recharging for up to eight years. In some instances, the company boldly asserts that the battery’s lifespan extends to an astonishing 50 years before requiring replacement, heralding a new era of extended device autonomy.

According to Betavolt, their inaugural nuclear battery boasts an impressive capacity, capable of delivering 100 microwatts of power and maintaining a voltage of 3V, all within a compact size measuring 15x15x5 cubic millimeters. The ambitious vision doesn’t stop there – Betavolt envisions scaling up to produce a battery with a robust 1 watt of power by the year 2025. This forward-looking approach highlights Betavolt’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of energy storage technology and setting new benchmarks for efficiency.

Betavolt, a company headquartered in Beijing, proudly asserts that they are the creators of a groundbreaking battery, declaring their innovative Cluer battery as the world’s first nuclear-powered battery. They claiming that they placed 63 nuclear isotopes into a module smaller.

China’s latest innovation catapults them into a leading position in the telecommunications realm, particularly during the era of artificial intelligence (AI). This groundbreaking addition not only enhances their competitive edge but also underscores their commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. In the evolving landscape of AI, this move positions China as a key player, ready to navigate the demands of an increasingly connected world.

How it works

Betavolt’s groundbreaking atomic energy batteries, featuring a radioactive nickel-63 energy source and diamond semiconductor converters, represent a pinnacle of technological innovation. With advantages ranging from lightweight design to extended service life and high energy density, these batteries demonstrate resilience in extreme temperatures.

The modular design not only enhances scalability but also positions them as versatile power sources, capable of driving automotive technology and powering sophisticated AI systems. Betavolt’s forward-thinking approach signals a transformative era in energy storage, where adaptability and efficiency converge to redefine the landscape of advanced technology.