STC Monthly Internet Packages

STC Monthly Internet Packages, 2024

If you are looking for STC monthly internet packages, then definitely, this page is for you. STC basically provides its service to KSA (Saudi Arabia), and STC claims that around 20,000,00 people are using their services. Somehow, their claim seems true because STC’s internet packages or call packages are so much cheaper compared to the validity period.

STC offers good packages, even if you need a handsome quantity of MBs for one day, then go for STC, or if you need a huge amount of GBS, then definitely go for STC. If you are a game lover, have music listings, or love to play and watch movies, STC provides such packages, which will fulfill your thirst for Internet requirements.

Hitello brings, all STC Monthly internet packages in one place so that you choose what you need, or what your desire is.

STC Monthly Internet Packages

There are many packages in which the company offers Internet Data offers, with the package name, we will try to mention each one separately.


Quicknet STC 5G SIMs prepaid offer 35GB+45GB streaming for one month in SR 15/-, In this package, 35 GB is for local internet, while 45 GB is used for streaming.

Package name ResourcesValidityPrice
Quicknet STC 5G SIMs prepaid35+45 GB streaming Internet3015 SR


Quicknet 5G SIMs prepaid offer 100GB + 19GB Social for one month in SR 195/. In this package, you can make the budget for your home town.

Package name ResourcesValidityPrice
Quicknet STC 5G SIMs prepaid100+19 GB internet. 30159 SR

STC Unlimited Internet packages

STC offers unlimited internet for their customers at SR 373.75, and the validity is about one month.

Package name ResourcesValidityPrice
ladu adi 50 GB30373.46 SR

STC roaming data packages.

Quicknet 5G SIMs offer 50 GB for one-month validity and Rs, 420.5SR.

Package name ResourcesValidityPrice
STC Rooming package 50 GB internet
30402.50 SR

Terms & Condition

  1. 16% VAT is included.
  2. Send activation to 900
  3. Streaming service means, Netflix. YouTube, Netflix, STC TV, etc
  4. Social media means, Facebook. WhatsApp, movie,
  5. STC Monthly Internet Packages are for STC users.
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