Telcel APN setting

Telcel APN Setting for Android, iPhone, Window1 2024

Telcel, which is one of the leading communication service providers in Mexico, the United States, and Canada, (Telcel APN) is pivotal for connecting your mobile device to the internet and utilizing data services.

This is the standard Telcel Access Point Name (APN) setting:

Standrad TelcelAPN setting
Name: TelcelAPN
Internet: itelcel
Username: webgprs
Password: webgprs2002

These Telcel APN settings will work for most smartphones and mobile devices when configuring the APN manually. However, it’s important to note that Telcel has different APN settings for various plans or services; DON’T WORRY about that; we will provide the most up-to-date, accurate information and settings for your device, whether you have any model of iOS/Andriod, iPhone, etc. It is important to note that some smartphones may have an option to automatically configure the APN settings when you insert a Telcel SIM card.

What is APN?

APN stands for Access Point Name; this setting will help your Device to connect with the internet and data.

Telcel APN setting for iOS/IPhone

  1. APN:
  2. Username: webgprs
  3. Password: webgprs2002

If you are unaware of where to add these Telcel APN settings, here is the solution.

  1. Open your smartphone and see an application named “Setting.” Click it.
  2. When you click “setting,” you will see “Cellular Data Network,” “Mobile Network,” or “Connections.”
  3. After that click, you will see “Access Point Name.”
  4. Then click the “Add” button
  5. And now, Add a new APN.

In the next interface, you need to write these Telcel APN settings as showing against each one.

NameTelcel Mexico
ProxyNot set (You may leave it blank)
PortNot set (You may leave it blank)
ServerNot set (You may leave it blank)
MMSCNot set (You may leave it blank)
MMS ProxyNot set (You may leave it blank)
MMS PortNot set (You may leave it blank)
Authentication TypePAP
APN typeDefault
APN ProtocolIpv4
APN roaming protocolIpv4
Enable/Disable APN APN Enabled
MVNO Type (Mobile virtual
network operator)
MVNO value (Mobile virtual
network operator)
Not set (You may leave it blank)

After this, if you want to add a Telcel MMS setting for Andriod, this will be under the:

NameTelcel MMS
ProxyNot Set (You may leave it blank)
PortNot Set (You may leave it blank)
ServerNot set
MMS Proxy148.233.151.240
MMS Port8080
Authentication TypePAP
APN typemms
APN protocol Ipv4
APN roaming protocol ipv4
Enabled /Disable APNAPN enabled
MVNO TypeNone
MVNO TotalNot set

Telcel APN Setting for iPhone

If you are using an iPhone, then the settings will be as mentioned; these are the same with minor changes. It is mandatory to tell you that the iPhone blocks its APN setting in some smartphones, so if you using that type of mobile phone, you need to change your smartphone or connection.

Cellular Data
LTE Setup (It’s Optional)
User Name Blank
Password Blank

Telcel MMS setting for Iphone

MMS Setting
MMS Proxy148.233.151.240:8080
MMS message size1048576

Telcel Blackberry APN setting

Blackberry TelcelAPN setting
Access Point Name (APN):
Username: webgprs
Password: webgprs2002

Its setting is the same as others but with minor changes as you will write in the column Type of sign-in info: None and write Blank in Proxy port & Proxy server.

The access network number of Telcel is *99#, and its other setting is the same as Android.