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Telenor Mobile Service: Duniya ku bhula du. 2024

Telenor Service or Telenor Mobile Service is a major mobile network operator with a presence in several countries, including Pakistan, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and more. Telenor’s headquarters is in Norway, and it provides service in many countries, which is why called a multinational telecommunications company. Telenor Mobile services are available in several countries around the world, providing a range of telecommunications services including mobile and fixed-line telephony, broadband internet, banking, and digital television. Here are some key points about Telenor: History: Telenor has its roots in Norway and was originally established in 1855 as a state-operated telegraph company. By that time, Telenor captured every market in the region.

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Telenor Mobile Service

Global Presence: Telenor mobile service operates in multiple countries across Asia and Europe. Some of the prominent markets where Telenor has a presence include Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Mobile Services: Telenor is known for its mobile network services, offering both 2G, 3G, and 4G (LTE) services in many of its markets. In some regions, they may have also started rolling out 5G networks. Broadband and Internet Services: Telenor offers broadband and internet services, including both fixed-line and mobile broadband options, to residential and business customers.

Digital Services: Telenor has ventured into digital services and financial technology (fintech) in some markets. They have introduced mobile banking and digital payment solutions, leveraging their extensive customer base.

Corporate Responsibility: Telenor places a strong emphasis on corporate responsibility and sustainability. They have initiatives related to reducing their environmental footprint, promoting digital inclusion, and contributing to the communities they serve.

Telenor Easy Paisa

Telenor not only provides Telenor mobile service but also Easy Paisa is a mobile financial services platform offered by Telenor Pakistan, which provides its customers with a wide financial services. Here are some key features and services associated with Telenor Easy Paisa: Mobile Wallet: Telenor Easy Paisa allows users to create a mobile wallet linked to their mobile phone number. This service of Telenor can be used to save your savings and money.

Money Transfer: If you want to transfer your money, to anyone in Pakistan, the easy paisa makes this type of life more easier. Fund transfer service is available. Bill Payments: Easy Paisa enables customers to pay utility bills, such as electricity, gas, and water bills, conveniently through their mobile wallet.

Mobile Top-Up: Easy Paisa also trenchant Payments: Easy Paisa can be used to make payments at participating merchants, including retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses, through QR codes or mobile numbers.

Digital Services: Telenor Easy Paisa may also offer additional digital services, such as purchasing goods and services online, buying tickets, and making online payments.

Bank Account Integration: In some cases, Easy Paisa may be linked to traditional bank accounts, allowing users to move money between their mobile wallet and bank account.

Telenor basically in short provides some unexpected features to its user, basically helping and improving the lifestyle of their users.