uber closed in pakistan

Uber Shuts Down Operations in Pakistan

Uber has indeed ceased its operations entirely in Pakistan. Surprisingly, this decision came without any prior notification to users. Earlier in 2022, Uber had already halted its services in several major cities across Pakistan, including Islamabad, Faisalabad, Karachi, Peshawar, and Multan, leaving Lahore as the sole city where its services were still available. However, now even Lahore has been affected by this shutdown.

Uber Spokesperson says

We’ve decided to cease operating the Uber app in Pakistan. Our subsidiary brand Careem will continue to operate, with the Careem app offering ride-hailing services across Pakistan and earning opportunities for drivers.

Why did Uber close its operation in Pakistan?

As of the present moment, Uber hasn’t shared the specific cause for ending its services in Pakistan. However, it’s widely understood that the country’s political and economic challenges have impacted its operations. Similar issues led to the closure of another ride-sharing service, Airlift, some years ago.

Yet, Uber asserts that this choice is rooted in their market strategy and pursuit of business growth. They’re actively exploring other avenues as global business landscapes evolve.

Taxi Services In Pakistan

Uber isn’t the sole provider of ride services for Pakistani customers. Several other services cater to them. One of the most renowned is “Careem,” a partner service of Uber, which continues to operate in nearly all major cities of Pakistan. Additionally, new players like InDrive and Yango have entered the market. Meanwhile, options such as Car Rent, Ride with Us, and Rent a Car are also available to customers in Pakistan.