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Resources of this UFONE MEGA INTERNET PACKAGE, DAILY are as under.

2000 MBs Internet (12 AM To 12 PM)

(Fair Usage Policy may apply)

12-hour / 1 day

Dial *550# To Subscribe

Unsub service not available

PKR 20.00 + Tax

Ufone mega internet package, Summary

Ufone mega internet package is basically for those who get time to use their mobile after 12 am to 12 pm, this time is for those who perform duties in time or early morning. Females at home, like housewives can watch dramas, and use WhatsApp during these times. This package gives them the best use of their leisure time. But it does mean that males can not avail of these offers, actually, it’s only Hitello’s suggestion. If you are a daily 2 GB consumer, then this package is a favorite for you.

In this package user avails a total of 2 GB means 2000 MBs for his/her needs. But it is to be mentioned that this package will be activated from 12 am to 12 am, for one day Rs 20 incl tex. After that time, the user needs to switch off the internet or need to subscribe another package. If he/she wants to get this Ufone mega internet package code, then dial 550 from your mobile to activate this unique package.

How to activate the Ufone mega internet package?

  1. Open your mobile.
  2. Go to dial keypad
  3. Type *550#
  4. Press call
  5. USSD code will start processing
  6. After completion, your package will be activated.
  7. Standard charges may apply.


The package we discussed in this article named the Ufone mega internet package is basically for those who have usage time between 12 am to 12 pm. In this package user gets 2000 MB, it is to noted that 1000 MB is equal to one GB. So, this package basically offers 2 GB for its users.

That’s why, the Ufone mega internet package is just for a limited time frame, so 2000 Mbs are more than enough for anyone during that time 12 am to 12 pm for one day. But the user is to remain active as this package runs speedily and consumes a lot of MBs, so need to remain vigilant during playing, if your MBs are finished, you may charge extra amounts for the usage of MBs without the package.

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