Ufone Super Card Max

Ufone Super Card Max (2024)

The Ufone Super Card Max is like a game-changer for mobile users. It’s not just any card – it’s the one that gives you everything you need, all bundled up in a single, easy-to-use package.

You get loads of minutes to talk to your loved ones, while they use the same network as you or a generous amount of minutes for off-net calls also. No more worrying about running out of balance in the middle of an important conversation – the Ufone Super Card Max has got you covered.

But that’s not all; with this super card, you also get a bunch of messages to text your buddies. Quick updates or long chats, it doesn’t matter – you’re all set to keep the conversation going.

It also brings you a bunch of internet data. Empowering you to browse, stream, and stay updated on social media without constantly monitoring your data usage. The Ufone Super Card Max is not just a recharge option; it’s a comprehensive solution for your communication needs. Here’s what awaits you.

Ufone Super Card Max

4500 SMS

10 GBs Internet

Unlimited U2U/PTCL Minutes

350 Min

Dial *629# To Subscribe Yourself

Dial *3*2# To Subscribe Others

Automatically Unsub After Validity

30 Days

PKR 899

For Prepaid

Availing Ufone Super Card Max

To grab the Ufone Super Card Max, dial *629# on your phone if you want it for yourself. If you’re subscribing to it for others like friends or family, dial *3*2#. Activation of the offer is also possible through the “My Ufone App.”

Additional Info:

You can get Super Card Gold, Super Card Max, Super Card Plus, Mini Super Card, Super Minutes, and Super Internet using ULoad.
Also, they are available for purchase through Credit/Debit Card using the My Ufone app’s Bill payment option.
Or you can visit your nearest retailer.

Now, let’s check out what the Super Card Max offers:

  • Unlimited on-net (U-U & PTCL) minutes with a Fair Usage Policy of 5,000 minutes.
  • 350 off-net minutes.
  • 4,500 SMS messages.
  • 10GB of mobile data.
  • Available for 30 days
  • In just Rs.899

The Super Card Max is designed to help you tackle your daily hurdles and stay connected without any fuss. It ensures uninterrupted communication with loved ones and business contacts alike. You’re getting a bunch of great stuff all in one go!

Eligibility Criteria:

The offers apply exclusively to prepaid customers.

Checking Offer Remaining Status

To check how much data, minutes, and SMS you have left with Ufone Super Card Max, just dial *706#. You can also check this bundle’s info using the “My Ufone app.”

Terms & Conditions:

  • No extra taxes or charges will apply.
  • You won’t have to pay any call set-up fees.
  • The offer remains valid for 30 days.
  • PTA advises using only biometrically verified SIMs as they represent your identity.


You want a stress-free way to stay connected with people and get the most out of your phone without any fuss; the Ufone Super Card Max is your go-to choice! Stay connected, chat away, and surf the internet without any worry.

If your Ufone SIM hasn’t been used in the last 30 days, you can activate the Ufone Sim Lagao offer for free and enjoy a free bundle for 60 days.