Ufone unlimited whatsapp package is a blessing for internet users, who use their all conversations through Whatsapp. As per stats, almost 60% of user use whatsapp for their chat or business talk. So in this case, if you have connectivity for using whatsapp for whole days without any destruction

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Resources of this UFONE UNLIMITED WHATSAPP OFFER, DAILY are as under.

500 MBs for WhatsApp

(Fair Usage Policy may apply)

24-hour / 1 day

Dial *987# To Subscribe

Unsub service not available

PKR 5 (Load)


Ufone unlimited whatsapp package is basically a sweet cake for its users, who remain available all day on whatsapp. If your internet remains connected all day, this will consume a huge amount and can be very heavy on the user’s pocket. That’s why this package is a smart choice for Ufone customers.

In this package user gets a total of 500 MBs in just 5 rupees, he just needs to get a load of 5 rupees, and then activate this package by dialing *987# from his mobile phone. The validity of this package is 24 hours means one day, that’s why this package is called a daily whatsapp package. It is to be noted that you should keep an eye on your resources so that you know when 500 MBs are going to end. After finishing those resources, extra usage may be charged an extra amount. After that time, the user needs to switch off the internet or need to subscribe another package. If you want to get this Ufone Whatsapp offer code, then dial 987 from your mobile to activate this unique package at the price of 5/-.

How to activate the Ufone unlimited whatsapp package

  1. Open your mobile.
  2. Go to dial keypad
  3. Type *987#
  4. Press call
  5. USSD code will start processing
  6. After completion, your package will be activated.
  7. Standard charges may apply.


Whatsapp is basically a social app owned by Meta, used to send or receive, text or images, and can also be used for video calls. Almost every mobile has this app by default. This app is now providing new features related to staying connected with many channels, which keep users connected, and updated about news or what users like.


The package we discussed in this article named the Ufone unlimited whatsapp package is basically for those whose mobile stays connected just because of their whatsapp conservation. This package offers to use whatsapp, for up to 500 MBs. .

That’s why, the Ufone unlimited whatsapp package has limited data usage, for one day, But the user is to remain active as this package runs speedily and consumes a lot of MBs, so need to remain vigilant during playing, if your MBs, finished, you need to resubscribe the same or any other packages, or you need to switch off your internet connection. This practice will save your balance.

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