Ufone Weekly Internet Plus

Ufone Weekly Internet Plus 2024

Discover online freedom with the Ufone Weekly Internet Plus package. Get a massive 16GB of data, with a special 8GB reserved for your late-night browsing pleasure from 2 am to 2 pm. Stay connected for 7 days straight, all for just Rs. 299, taxes included.

Seamlessly stream, browse, and connect without limits.

16 GB

Data (8GB from 2am to 2pm)

Rs. 299

Incl. Tax


Dial it for the Activation

7 Days


Who Can Avail Ufone Weekly Internet Plus

The Ufone Weekly Internet Plus is available for all prepaid customers. Once it expires, it won’t renew automatically. You can get the offer multiple times during its validity period.

How to Activate

  • To activate the offer, dial *260#.
  • You can also subscribe on the website.
  • Use Internet banking or ULoad for easy sign-up.
  • Subscribe quickly at a nearby retailer.
  • Use the My Ufone App to subscribe too.

You’ll get:

  • 16GB (includes 8GB from 2am to 2pm)
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Price: Rs. 299 (Incl. Tax)

Status Code

  • Dial *706# to see how much you have left.
  • Use the My Ufone App to keep an eye on your usage and when your offer ends.

Terms & Conditions

  • The 5GB Off Peak Data (usable from 1 am to 9 am) expires at 8:59:59 AM.
  • Dial *260# to subscribe to the product.
  • You’ll have 16 GB (16,240 MBs) to use.
  • Weekly Internet Plus doesn’t renew automatically.
  • It’s available on all commercial prepaid packages.
  • You can subscribe more than once.
  • It’s not based on a specific time window.
  • Unused resources won’t carry over.
  • Check the remaining data by dialing *706#.
  • After using up your data, internet usage will be charged at the default tariff of Rs. 2.75 + Tax per MB, with a pulse rate of 512 Kbs. If you use 25 MBs, you’ll get 150 MBs free until midnight, and so on.
  • Each subscription has its own charging priority if you subscribe to multiple packages. For charging preference details, call 333 or email [email protected].

Final Words

Don’t miss out on staying connected with your loved ones and accessing all your favorite online content. Subscribe to Ufone Weekly Internet Plus today and experience internet freedom all week long.