Ufone like other telecommunication service provider networks, also adds good offers for their user, Basically, the purpose of these services is to maintain the budgetable usage of anyone.

Ufone weekly packages are here.

Weekly Digital Offers
Ufone & PTCL: 7000
Off Net Minutes: 600
SMS: 7000
Internet: 60 GB
Validity: 7 Day
Dial *7777#
Price : Rs. 430/-

Weekly digital package offers 7000 Ufone & Ptcl mints, off-net 600 minutes, SMS 700, and internet 60GB. this package is for 7 days in Rs 430/-. if you want to get this offer, dial *7777#

Sab Se Bari Offer
Ufone & PTCL: 5000
Off Net Minutes: 100
Internet: 25 GB
Validity: 7 Day
Dial *7777#
Price: Rs.375 (Load)

sub see bari offer is the best offer among Ufone monthly packages, in which 5000 minutes for Ufone and PTCL, 100 for another network, and 25 GB internet for 7 days for rs 375/- for 7 days.

Sab Se Bari Plus Offer
Price:Rs.399 (Load)
Validity: 7 Day
Dial *7777#
Price: Rs.399 (Load)

sub see bari plus offer, is one more addition to Ufone weekly packages, in which 5000 Ufone & PTCL minutes, with off-net 500 and 5000 SMS, with 40 GB internet for Rs 399/- for 7 days.

Asli Chappar Phaar Offer
Ufone to Ufone: 100 minutes
SMS: 100
Internet: 1000 MB
Validity: 7 Days
Dial *5050#
Price : Rs. 140 including taxes
Weekly Pakistan Offers
Ufone & PTCL: 700 minutes
Internet: 100 MB
Validity: 7 Day
Dial *8888#
Price : Rs. 122 inclusive tax