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Ufone Yearly SMS Bundle

Unlimited SMS

(1,100.000 SMS as per Fair Usage Policy)

Yearly /12 Month / 365 days

SMS “SUB” To 601 for activation

SMS “UNSUB” To 8066 for Deactivation

PKR 795.87 + TAX

Ufone yearly SMS Package Summary

The Ufone yearly SMS package is a unique offer, provided by Ufone to its customers. This package is counted as a 365-day, or 48-week package too. This package is a blessing for Ufone customers.

Fair usage policy applies to it, which means you can send only 1,100,000 SMS in the whole year.

If you want to activate this package, you just need to write “SUB” and send this message to 601, this will automatically activate your SMS package and it charge you 796 plus Tax from your account.

How to activate

  1. Open text messages on mobile
  2. Type sub in it.
  3. Send that message to 601
  4. Wait for a second
  5. You will receive a confirmation SMS,
  6. Your Package is activated.
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