Family Bundle — Zong Monthly Package

The Zong Family Bundle is a cool deal from Zong, the mobile network company. It lets you share data, minutes, and text messages among five Zong 4G connections. That means if you have a family with Zong connections, this bundle can help you all stay connected without worrying too much about running out of data or minutes.

With this offer, you get a massive 40 GB of data, including 20 GB just for WhatsApp and Facebook. That’s a lot of chatting and browsing right there! You also get 600 minutes to call people on other networks and a huge 15,000 on-net minutes and SMS to talk and text with your Zong buddies.

To get this deal, you just need to create your group and activate the bundle.

So, if you have a Zong SIM but haven’t used it for a while, it’s a great time to insert your old Zong SIM back and activate the SIM Lagao Offer to enjoy extra free perks. Now, if you combine the “Zong Sim Lagao Offer” with the “Zong Family Bundle,” it’s like a double win!

15000 SMS

40 GBs of Internet including social GBs

15000 On-Net

600 Off-Net

Dial *505# To Subscribe

20 GBs Whatsapp + Facebook

Automatically Unsub After Validity

30 Days

PKR 2000

For Prepaid

Who Are Eligible For Zong Family Package

If you’re using Zong’s prepaid services, the Zong Family Bundle is just for you. To sign up for the family share package, you’ll need a group with the power to manage its members within the family club. You can bring in up to 5 Zong connections and share the benefits of this Zong family package among them.

However, it’s important to note that if the group is deleted, the entire package will be removed as well.


How To Subscribe Zong Family Bundle:

Activating the Family Bundle is easy. Just dial *505# to start using this package.

With the Zong Family Bundle Offer, you’ll get:

  • 40 GB of the internet (including 10 GB for WhatsApp and 10 GB for Facebook)
  • 15,000 Zong Minutes
  • 15000 SMS
  • 600 Off-net Minutes
  • For Rs.2000 for 30 days.

The package will automatically deactivate once its 30-day validity period is over, and there’s no need for an additional code to unsubscribe.

Bundle Remaining Status

To find out how many MBs, minutes, and SMS you have left, dial *102#. You can also use the My Zong App to check your remaining resources.

Terms & Conditions

  • A 15% Advance Income Tax (AIT) is charged on each recharge.
  • A Federal Excise Duty (FED) of 19.5% is applied to usage where applicable.
  • A 19.5% Sales Tax (GST) is also imposed on usage.


The Zong Family Bundle is a great deal for Zong users, offering extensive benefits for just Rs.2000 over 30 days. It is an ideal choice for families to stay connected effortlessly.