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If you’re a PUBG enthusiast and happen to be on the ZONG network, the Zong PUBG package is the perfect companion for both you and your wallet. With Zong’s top-notch 4G LTE services, they bring you fantastic deals tailored for PUBG lovers, ensuring you experience seamless streaming and gameplay without any disruptions.


Recognizing the growing popularity of mobile games in Pakistan and globally, Zong understands that gamers value networks with consistently high internet speeds, uninterrupted connectivity, and no balance disruptions during gameplay. That’s precisely why Zong 4G is introducing the Zong PUBG package, daily, weekly, and monthly to cater to the specific requirements of gamers who seek a seamless and reliable gaming experience.

Daily ZONG pubg Package:

Zong is providing a special daily PUBG internet package for its customers. For just Rs. 23/-, you can enjoy 2500 MB of internet dedicated to your gaming needs. The package is valid for 24 hours, offering a full day of uninterrupted gaming. To avail of this offer, simply dial *6464# or *47# and the third method is to type “GNO” and send it to 6464. Stay connected and game on with Zong.

Zong Monthly Packages


Internet 2500 MB |
Validity |
1 day OR 24 Hours
To Activate |
Dial *6464# from your Mobile dial
Send text “Gno” to 6464
Price: 23.00 Incl Tax

Weekly ZONG pubg package

To grab the Zong PUBG weekly internet package, just dial *20# from your mobile keypad. For a reasonable fee of Rs. 290/-, you’ll enjoy 8 GB of internet for a week. Dial *20# to activate this offer, and if you wish to check your remaining MBs, simply dial *102#. Stay connected and make the most of your gaming experience with Zong.

Zong Monthly Packages


Internet 8 GB |
Validity |
7 days
Activate |
Dial *20# from your Mobile dial
Price: 290/-


If you’re a PUBG enthusiast and looking for a monthly Zong PUBG package, all you have to do is dial *7824# from your mobile keypad. With this offer, you’ll receive a total of 10 GB of internet, with 9 GB exclusively allocated for PUBG gaming and 1 GB for general internet use. Priced at just Rs. 120/-, this cost-effective package comes with a validity of 30 days. It’s an affordable and ideal choice for avid PUBG game lovers.

Zong Monthly Packages


Internet 10 GB |
9 GB for PUBG and 1 GB for Flat data.
Validity |
30 days
To Activate |
Dial *7824# from your Mobile dial
Price: 120/-

Amazing offers that Zong 4G LTE brings you a fantastic deal featuring 10 GB of internet, with 9 GB specifically dedicated to the Zong PUBG package and 1 GB for general use. This offer extends for 30 days starting from the day of activation. To take advantage of this offer, simply dial *7824# from your mobile dial pad, and it requires a recharge of PKR 120. Users can subscribe to this offer from the Zong My app. Enjoy seamless connectivity and an immersive PUBG experience with Zong!


  • ZONG PUBG PACKAGE ku subscribe karny k leiy ap ku apny mobile se sirf *7824# karna hai. or es pubg offer k leiy ap k mobile mein 120 rupees ka load huna chaiy, es offer se ap ku milein gay.
  1. Internet k leiy 10 GB, jis mein se 9 GB ap k leiy PUBG k leiy, r 1 GB ap k dosry internet usage k leiy.
  2. es package ki meiyad 30 din hai.
  3. yeh package sirf zong customer k leiy hai.

How to subscribe Zong PUBG package from mobile?

Open your mobile write message option, type “sub PubG” and then send it to 6464. You will receive instructional and confirmational messages of activation.

How to unsubscribe Zong PUBG package from mobile?

If you think that this package is no longer needed, then Open your mobile write message option, type “unsub PubG” and send it to 6464.

How to check the remaining MBs of the ZONG PUBG offer?

Simply dial 102 and inquire with the IVR option, if not then type *102# and press call buttons, you will get information on the remaining MBs.

Which is the best network for pubg lovers?

When compared to the packages mentioned earlier, Zong stands out as the preferred choice for PUBG lovers.


Zong consistently prioritizes customer satisfaction, and their network speed undoubtedly surpasses that of other providers. Hence, these packages make for ideal companions for Zong users, especially considering the critical role internet speed plays in gaming. It’s important to note that the mentioned packages are exclusively for Zong prepaid customers, and the actual internet speed may vary based on the signal strength in the area where you are using the Zong network.


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