Zong SIM balance check code

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Zong balance check code methods

There are many codes, to check the Zong 4G sim balance, Here we discuss each one to fulfill your requirements. These methods are easy but may charge some amount as service charges.

Zong Balance Check Code is *222#

Rs 0.20 charges may apply.

Those three methods for Zong balance check, are as below.

  • By using the USSD code
  • Zong Helpline.
  • By using the Zong App

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Zong balance check By USSD code

Zong SIM balance check

Zong SIM code *222#

The first method to check the Zong sim balance is USSD code *222#. If you want to check this way, you just need to open your mobile pad, and dial *222# from the call log, after doing this, click on the call button, After calling, the server will start processing this Zong balance check code, wait for some seconds, maybe two seconds or three seconds, and the server will respond you, about your balance. Zong balance check code never cost.

  • Open Mobile Dailing Pad.
  • Dial *222# from pad.
  • Click on the call button.
  • Wait for some seconds
  • Your balance will be shown on screen.
  • Apply some charges.
Zong SIM code  *222#

Call the Zong Helpline to check Your Balance

The second method to check your Zong sim balance is to call the helpline, Go again to your mobile dialing pad, dial 310 from there, and wait for some time, the call will connect to Zong auto service, Follow the prompt, and after following some prompts, You will listen to your balance.

  • Open Mobile Dailing Pad.
  • Dial 310 from the Dailing Pad.
  • Wait for some time.
  • The call will connected with Zong Auto service.
  • Listen to prompts carefully
  • Follow what they saying.
  • After some steps, you will listen to Balance.
  • Apply some charges.
Call the Zong Helpline to check Your Balance

Check Zong balance from My Zong App

The third method to check your balance from Zong sim is to check by using the My Zong app. It’s free and without any cost. You just need a Smartphone and an internet connection. Just install the application from the Play Store, and register your Zong number. after logging in, you will see your balance from the interface, when shown.

  • Open your smartphone
  • Open the Google Play store
  • Search OR Type, MY ZONG APP
  • Install My Zong App
  • Open Zong App
  • Connect or Register your Number with that application.
  • After verification, Open Application.
  • You will see your balance at the top left corner of the Application interface.
  • This service is free, just internet connectivity MBs are used.

You can also check your Zong SIM Balance via SMS

Send a Blank SMS to 711, after some time, you will receive a reply from 711 with the balance information. (Rs 0.20 charges may apply.)

You can also check your balance if you log in to your account at Zong’s official website.

Yes, you can check your Zong sim balance from their official site, just log in to your account at their website, and click on account information, there you will see balance info.


The summary and Crux of this discussion is that you can check your Zong balance check code, by using a USSD code, sending a text to 711, Via calling their helpline 310, you also see their application named, My Zong app and may check after signing up for their official site.