If you are a SCOM user and facing issues with your SCOM internet not working, then you need to check the SCOM internet settings. This check may help troubleshoot your internet connectivity issue. Scom APN settings are those settings that you may require during that configuration for your Android and iPhone.

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Where can I find SCOM Internet Settings?

Internet settings of Scom are easy to locate, you need to follow the route and will land the location of settings,

Mobile setting => Mobile Network => Access Point Name (APN)

If you open your mobile settings, you will find ‘Mobile Network‘ or, in some mobiles, ‘Network Settings.’ When you click on it, you will discover ‘Access Point Name’ (APN); it is essentially an APN setting for your SCOM mobile internet settings.”


Scom APN settings and Scom internet settings essentially refer to the same configuration. To ensure seamless mobile internet, simply set up these configurations on your mobile device. We recommend users input each word exactly as specified, maintaining capitalization (if written A in capital, then write it as A, if in case sensitive means a, then write it a, and spacing, if you find one space, do it same, if not then don’t space. It’s essential for a smooth configuration process.

  • Name: SCOM internet
  • APN: Internet
  • Proxy: Not set
  • Port: Not set
  • User Name: Not Set
  • Password: Not Set
  • Server: Not Set
  • MMSC: Not Set
  • MMS Proxy: Not Set
  • MMS Port: Not Set
  • MCC: 410
  • MNC: 05
  • The Authentication type: None
  • APN Type: default
  • APN Protocol: IPv4
  • APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4
  • Enable / Disable APN: APN Enable
  • Bearer: Unspecified
  • MVNO Type: None
  • MVNO Value: None

SCOM APN settings for iPhone

If you are an iPhone user and you are facing an issue in internet connectivity then you need to configure these settings in your iPhone. These Scom internet settings will help you to resolve your connectivity error.

IPhone APN setting route is somehow different from Android mobile, which is as under.

Settings => Cellular => Cellular Data internet => APN
Cellular Settings
  • APN: SCOM internet
  • User Name: Blank
  • Password: Blank
LTE Setup (Optional)
  • APN: Blank
  • User Name: Blank
  • Password: Blank

SCOM MMS Settings for Android /iPhone

  • APN: Blank
  • User Name: Blank
  • Password: Blank
  • MMSC: Blank
  • MMS Proxy: Blank
  • MMS Message Size: 1048576
  • MMS UA Prof URL:

How Can I Set My Internet Settings?

You need to go to settings of mobile, then network, and then change APN or Edit APN settings.

What is the SCOM network in Pakistan?

SCOM is a mobile network service providing company, that is providing its service in AJ&K, Gilgit, and Sakradu.

What is the SCOM internet setting code?

Type the word “Setting” and send this message to 605 from your SCOM number.

Why my SCOM internet is not working?

If your SCOM internet is not working properly, then you need to check your SCOM internet settings properly, your data ends or the Package expires is also the main cause of the disconnectivity of the internet.

What is the SCOM helpline?

SCOM helpline numbers are different area-wise, like, 355 is a universal number, 565 for AJK, and 726 for Gilgat areas.

What are AJK and GB in the SCOM mobile Network?

AJK stands for Azad Jammu and Kashmir, while GB means Gilgit Baltistan. Moreover, this SCOM company is providing its service to these areas, that’s why mentioned these terms many times.

What is Roaming?

Romaing means if your parent network is switched off or disconnected, then your network automatically shifts to another network. so that the connection remains open.

Ending Notes for SCOM internet settings.

SCOM internet settings are described briefly above and those settings will help you to make your connectivity better. If your issue remains alive, then you need to contact your service provider representative.