What is an APN

What is an APN (access point name) setting for Android, iPhone, iPod? and how do I change and Configure for internet connectivity? 4G-5G , 2024

This is a quotidian question what is an APN? APN stands for access point name, and Primarily, it works as a way over, or you can say entryway of connectivity between the internet and mobile network. These statistics (APN Setting) helped the cell carrier company to earmark an IP address and encipher to use the network. In other words, an APN identifies or defines the type of service, that what user wants or uses i.e. GPRS, GSM, 3G, 4G, MMS.

What is an APN?

An access point name, short an APN is basically required to connect your internet with your device, your internet-providing company is required to identify your APN or network path, and if cup tie their configuration, then the user will be able to use the internet or send text, images, and MMS.

When you prop your network sim into your mobile device first time, that time network company sends you the APN setting in the configuration message form with an automatic installation instruction message. When you configure them expertly, as per the service provider’s instruction, your service will be activated at that time.

What is an APN settings.

Some user elevates their APN setting manually, but in some cases, some companies do not allow users to change or manually APN settings. So if you are using the aforementioned Mobile, then don’t change or edit except you get instruction from the cellular providing company. The good news is that your smartphone has already been configured with many APN settings, So you don’t need to change or edit all the ways, (seldom you need to) Carrier network automatically picks the right APN and provides a smooth network. What is an APN is not difficult for you now.

How to configure APN setting, step-by-step complete guide.

Hope your question is, What is an APN setting? is cleared. Now you need to configure guidelines. As discussed earlier there are many network providers in a market, and those all have their separate APN settings. Many mobile companies now moving in advance and they configure many APNs in their default software that’s why in some cases, a user needs to reinstall an APN.

You should know that

Sometimes, APNs are not installed automatically due to low bandwidth, no network or weak signals, and unidentified errors.

What are the basic APN Mobile settings for Android, iOS, iPad, Tablet, and Windows?

If you want to see different mobile network APN settings, then you need to visit APN. There you will see many APN settings for your desired mobile network.

APN settings for Android, iPhone, Windows, and Samsung.

Follow these instructions step by step after getting answered What is an APN, you need to know how to set up basic indo.

First Click Settings on your Home screen.

  1. The first step is to Go to your mobile home screen and click settings.
APN setting 1


click it

2. The second step is to click Wireless & Network after setting.

apn setting 2

Wireless & Internet

click it

3. Step three is to click Mobile network, some mobile show cellular network or seem like that. you need to click on it.

apn setting 3

Mobile Network

click it

4. Forth step is to click Access Point Names (APNs)

step 4 apn setting

Access Point Names (APNs)

click it

5. When you come to 5th, you need to click first at the three dots at the corner (you can see a red circle on the screen) of your screen, there new Tab appears with New APN, Click at New APN.


1. Click at 3 dot
2. Then click New APN

click it

5. When you reach this screen, you need extra care to fill in the APN settings. first, you need to fill all desired APN settings in red marked columns, and then click save at the top corner. This will save and further you can activate them.

apn setting step 6

1. Fill all the desired APN settings.
2. After Filling, click Tick for save.

click it

Finally, What did you understand?

APN settings are mandatory for any mobile network, and without these settings, users can not send media, texture, or streaming. He/She must require an APN setting. Long, in short, the question of What is an APN setting is elaborated detail-wise. But we recommend that fill up the settings carefully, if you make a mistake, or change any word, it is nearly possible that you remain in darkness, and your network not work. If you facing this issue, then see again your settings or contact your network service provider.

If you are still confused about What is an APN, then this image will describe to you What is an APN and how the system works.