mint mobile apn settings,

Mint Mobile APN settings, VoLTE & Data Connectivity for 4G LTE 2024

Mint mobile apn settings

Mint Mobile APN settings are the settings that give you the authorization to use the internet and data. Mintmobile operates in the USA, They greet customers via phone call or chat and offer them 3, 6, and 12-month package plans. Their packages are much cheaper than as compared to others in the USA.

Mint Mobile APN settings forAndriod, iPhone

First, you need to configure some main and basic settings as

  • If using Samsung then you need to go to Settings > Connection > Mobile Network > Access Point Name.
  • If using Pixel, then Settings > Network & Internet > SIMs > (Mint SIM) > APNs
  • If using OnePlus, then setting > Wi-Fi & Network > (Mint SIM) > APNs
  • Tap on 3 dots at the right corner of the page, and then after clicking there click Add, and then New APN. Read more about this basic info.
  • Now add these settings as discussed under.

Mint Mobile APN settings

APNWholesalec ( W should be capital words)
Proxy(Leave it blank)
Port(Leave it blank)
MMSC (some users used)
MMS Proxy(leave it blank)
MMS Port8080 (leave blank if using T mobile.)
MNCleave, never changed. (before 2022 SIM cards were 240, and the older will 260)
Authentication TypePAP
APN typeDefault, supl, mms,ia,
APN Protocol(leave it blank)
Enable/Disable APN APN Enabled
MVNO type. 756D (This option is available on some devices like Pixel and one-plus)
MVNO value756D (This option is available on some devices like pixel and one-plus)

If you are an iPhone user, it is difficult for you to reset your APN settings because the iPhone doesn’t allow customized APNs. Mint Mobile APN settings

Mint Mobile APN for MMS settings

MMS settings are the same as earlier told you earlier.

you just need to add new > then fill in the information provider products. with minor changes, like MMS and some others.

MMSC message sie. 1047576

If you still facing any issues, then you can watch this video.