ALDI Mobile APN settings

ALDI Mobile APN settings, Easy Configure your 4G, LTE, iPhone, Andriod, BB, and other devices in the UK, AUS, CHE, DE, NL, USA, 2024

If you know rudimentary APN settings then go toward ALDI Mobile APN settings, otherwise click here to learn about Basic APN settings for any device. Without this, you will be walking in the dark. Owing to the fact that these Basic settings sometimes activate your Data connectivity automatically. If you purchased your device directly from the company then you don’t need to configure ALDI Mobile APN settings, no matter if you are in the UK, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, or Australia.

ALDI Mobile APN settings

For ALDI Mobile APN settings, you need to install a basic setup.

  • APN ——>
  • MMSC ——->
  • MM Proxy ——>
  • MM Port ———–> 80
Proxy(Leave it blank)
Port(Leave it blank)
UsernameNot required
PasswordNot Required
MMS Proxy(leave it blank) or
MMS Port8080
Authentication TypePAP
APN typeDefault, supl, dun, mms
APN ProtocolIPv4
APN Roaming ProtcolIPv4
Barrier Unspecified
APN PPP Ph NoNot set

ALDI Mobile APN settings for iPhone IOS

The iPhone company is seldom allowed to edit or add APN, otherwise trying accessory will make iPhone block. That’s why we recommend you if your network is giving you accurate service, then don’t change or Edit APN settings, if you face any minor issues, do content with the service provider.

First, go to Settings –> Cellular Data –> Cellular data options –> Cellular Data Network –> Cellular data ( and enter the values as mentioned under).

ALDI Mobile APN settings for iPhone and iOS
UsernameNot required
PasswordNot Required

Now you have to Go to the LTE Option and enter these values.

APNNot required/Blank
UsernameNot required/Blank
PasswordNot required/Blank

ALDI Mobile MMS APN settings for iPhone and iOS
UsernameNot required
PasswordNot Required
MMS Proxy10.1.1.180
MMS Message Size1048576

You should know that

After APN installation (make sure you put these settings as default), you need to restart your device (iPhone, Andriod, BB Mobile,iPad), so that your activation & connectivity process may complete.

If you are still confused about how to install ALDI Mobile APN settings, you can watch this video.

ALDI mobile FAQs

What APN should I use for my ALDI mobile?

MetroPCS APN Settings

You need to use above mention APN for your ALDI Mobile, In short, you need to fill, in, MMSC:, MMS proxy:, APN Type: default, dun,supl,mms

How do I set up my ALDImobile account?

MetroPCS APN Settings

Simply, Visit the official website of ALDI mobile, then click activate > New service/ new customers > Enter the Activation code, available at your starter Pack > and follow all online instructions.

How much time is required for my ALDI sim to be activated?

It took a minimum of 30 minutes to be fully activated. Sometimes it takes some time, but you need to show patience. If in 30 minutes, not activated, you need to check your settings once again.

Why my Aldimobile data is not working?

MetroPCS APN Settings

If you just bought your phone, then there is a higher chance that when you are on the device, you may accidentally skip the configuration message, That’s why you need to restart your device one to three times, if the issue persists, then you need to install aldi mobile APN settings manually, as given above.

Which Network Aldimobile is using>

MetroPCS APN Settings

Telstra’s 5G, 4G,and some parts of 3G too. Even network is different you need to install the Aldi mobile app for your mobile. Actually, Aldimobile is a virtually operating network, and get rented service from other,s big network.

What is Aldi’s mobile support/helpline number?

MetroPCS APN Settings

300 989 000 is the Aldi mobile service center number. If you are unable to contact them via phone call, then you need to email them
or content with AI chat available at their
official website.

Closing Remarks

If above mentioned Aldi mobile APN setting does not properly work, then you need to comment on your issue, and we will try to overcome it. and provide you with what actually you need. You just need to follow their direction and forget about Aldi mobile APN settings.

our reply can be early or can be late, if you need a quick response, then need to contact the helpline or support channel of that service operator. They facilitate you and guide you where the issue is showing and how to get rid of it. Gather some info.