easypaisa error code esb99154

EasyPaisa Error code esb99154, 2024 ERRORS

Easypaisa error code esb99154 is a common error that occurs while using the Telenor Easypaisa app. There are many more Easypaisa errors like Easypaisa 404 error, Easypaisa error code 99999, and many more, but here we will discuss Easypaisa ESB code 99154 specifically. Easypaisa app is a financial application working in Pakistan. Its registration is very simple, even you can register yourself while lying in bed at your home.

EasyPaisa application is owned by Telenor Telecommunication Service in Pakistan. It’s an international communication service and one of the best brands in Pakistan. If you want to read more about Telenor Easypaisa, then you can see the parent category for more information. through the Easypaisa app, you can make transactions from one Easypaisa to another one, you can pay utility bills, can send money to any other bank account.

You can pay Careem vouchers, Daraz vouchers, and Food Panda vouchers, and you also can pay online transactions on some platforms. Easypaisa app also offers, money transfer opportunities who have not registered in any bank account, but have a valid NIC, So you can send money to anyone via NIC number. People do love Easypaisa more as it is available anywhere, in a street, in a town, in a city, in a village, and one more positive point to be noted is that this service is available 24.7.

Error Code ESB99154

There are major 5 Easypaisa errors, which are coming again and again during transactions. These Three are as undermentioned, and we will discuss these errors one by one.

  1. Error Code ESB99154
  2. Error Code ESB99999
  3. Error Code Sys 99999
  4. Error Code ESB99017
  5. Error Code 404

EasyPaisa Error Code ESB99154: As we discussed earlier the Easypaisa app has many errors, but we discussed here one by one, and today we will tell you about the ESB99154 error. you will be able to know why this error occurred, so that in future you avoid this type of mistake, and you can be able to tackle it easily.

This is the screenshot which is undermentioned is basically what you saw when this error showed at the interface of your easypaisa application. Match this image with your error, if you compare it and looks like same as shown in the image, then proceed and solve the issue.



This Easypaisa error code esb99154 occurred for two reasons. You have to analyze both situations one by one, 1st Check your transactional limits, if you don’t want to see and need urgent help, then you need to connect Easypaisa helpline immediately. But we recommend you solve the issue by yourself because the helpline will consume more time as compared to the self-solution.

  1. When the user exceeded his transactional limits. YES, Easypaisa last year updated their term of use and service pattern as per instruction from FBR and government of Pakistan orders. As per the new order, now users can send money to any bank account three times in a month, if exceeds this, an error notification from Easypaisa with error code esb99154 appears. `So, they limit the people of Pakistan for their monthly and daily transactions. Now when user send money to their dear ones and at the same time they already completed their transectional limit, that time this error appears.
  2. The number of users of Easypaisa increasing day by day, that’s why sometimes crowded situations make users see this notification. So you have to try after some time, this time limit can be 30 minutes, or 2 hours, depending upon the peak factor at application.

So we suggest you make the transaction again after some time when you see this Easypaisa error code ESB99154, and if you see that notification, then do contact the Easypaisa help center.


Easypaisa is a payment gateway, and almost 1 million people perform transactions by using it, so it is common to face some issues, so no need to worry, and solve them accordingly. Hitello tried to provide you with the solution to the heat you facing and how to tackle them. Still, you find some issue, do comment, please.