JAZZ BALANCE SHARE code, how to transfer jazz balance to other jazz user.


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In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a balance is essential for everyone. There might be instances where you find yourself in a situation where someone urgently needs mobile credit, and the ability to swiftly transfer balance becomes crucial. Imagine a scenario where you’re approached by someone in need, and you have the power to instantly send them the required balance.


To share balance from one jazz to another jazz, dial *100*RecipientNumber*Amount#

Knowing the procedure for transferring balance from one Jazz network to another not only alleviates the stress of such emergencies but also empowers you to assist others seamlessly. On the other hand, not being aware of this process can potentially add unnecessary stress to an already urgent situation. Stay informed and equipped with the knowledge of how to share balance on the Jazz network, ensuring that you’re prepared to handle unexpected situations with ease and efficiency.


For those unfamiliar with the process of sharing balance on the Jazz network, this article provides a comprehensive guide to walk you through the steps. Delve into this content to gain a thorough understanding of how to seamlessly transfer balance from one Jazz number to another.

Rest assured, the method is not intricate; in fact, it’s remarkably straightforward. By following these simple steps outlined in this article, you’ll find the entire process easy to grasp and implement. Take a moment to read through, and you’ll soon discover how effortlessly you can navigate the steps to share balance on Jazz, making it a hassle-free experience for you.

Follow these steps, to share balance from jazz to jazz.

  • Check first that your Jazz number has sufficient balance before proceeding with the transfer.
  • Utilize your mobile keypad to dial the Jazz balance transfer code, which is *100*
  • After inputting the balance transfer code (*100*), specify the recipient’s Jazz number to which you intend to send the balance.
  • This will appear as *100*0302xxxxxxx*.
  • Extend the code by adding the desired amount you wish to transfer.
  • This jazz balance share code will be reflected as *100*0303xxxxx21*70#.
  • It’s crucial to recognize that *100* is the Jazz balance-sharing code, facilitating the secure transfer of credit between numbers.
  • Follow the sequence by entering the recipient’s number, proceeded by the desired amount, ending with a hash (#) sign
  • To conclude the process, tap the dial button, initiating the balance transfer. Confirm any prompts that appear on your screen.

What are the service charges of Jazz balance share?

Jazz balance transfer fee or charges are Rs 7.50 (incl. tax)/Transaction

What is the complete code of jazz balance share?

Jazz balance share code as completely is as, Dial *100*<9230XXXXXXXX>* amount#

What is the maximum amount of balance that a Jazz user can transfer to their loved ones?

Jazz users can share Rs, 500 per transaction with dear ones.

How many times can a Jazz user receive a balance from others?

A Jazz user is permitted to receive balance from others only five (5) times a day.

Is it possible to transfer Jazz balance to other networks such as Telenor, Zong, or Ufone?

No, it is not possible. Only Jazz customers can transfer Jazz balance to each other. Furthermore, prepaid customers can send balances to other prepaid users, while postpaid customers can transfer balances to other postpaid members if allowed. Prepaid users are unable to send balances to postpaid users, and vice versa.

What is the minimum amount for sharing Jazz balance?

A Jazz user can transfer a minimum of Rs 15 for a Jazz balance share.

Ending Words of jazz balance share

Jazz users have the flexibility to share their balance with others within the Jazz network, with a minimum transfer amount of Rs 15. However, it’s important to note that prepaid users cannot send balances to postpaid users, and vice versa. The sharing limit is set at five transactions per day for a Jazz user.

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