Jazz weekly internet packages| Jazz internet packages for seven days| Jazz weekly data bundles

Under the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority‘s banner, jazz provides quality internet services to its Pakistani customers. There are many other companies too, who provide quality internet services like Ufone, Telenor, Zong, Onic, and PTCL etc. Here you will only see jazz weekly internet packages, the one that suits you more.


Terms & Conditions for Slider Packages

  • Above mention packages are chosen randomly.
  • All packages are different in resources.
  • The women’s offer package is for a limited time period, after that time, usage may be charged bill.
  • The amount of all packages is included in the tax amount.
  • Make your own bundle package (MYOB) is for your choice package.
  • You can only get internet in MYOB packages own choice.
  • You can get calls, SMS, and DATA MBs, separately in the MYOB package.
  • Rs 2.25/mb will be charged extra if the internet package expires.
  • Jazz weekly internet package codes are also given in the package.
  • Multiple subscription is allowed.

Random Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz has the most affordable and full of juicy resourceful packages for their customers like, a weekly social media package, weekly mega package, weekly freedom packages, Jazz weekly internet package 10 GB, weekly internet packages 25 GB, Jazz Facebook packages, and many more. We sorted out these in one form for your ease.

#1 Jazz Super Max Weekly Package

Jazz Super Max offer is one of the best offers, for a user experiencing the Jazz/Warid network. Jazz/ Warid offering 30 GB data for seven days in Rs 417 Rupees. 30 GB jazz data in Rs 410 for 7 days is a good deal.

If you want to know the Jazz Super Max internet weekly package code to subscribe to the package, then you need to confirm before dialing *506# that your account balance is Rs.417 (Incl. Tax) or above. This package not only provides Jazz internet but also 6000 Jazz mints, 150 other networks, and 6000 Jazz SMS for the same amount of Rs 417/- In this package, there are no call setup charges, but extra MBs without the package, will be charged some piny.

Jazz Super Max Package (For 7 days)30 GB Internet6000 Jazz mins & SMS
150 Other Network
Rs 417 Dial *506#

#2 Super Women Weekly Bundle

If you want to enjoy the Jazz 12 GB package for seven days or you want to explore 12 GB jazz data for Rs 145/- for seven days, then this offer is for yours. Jazz weekly internet packages are not for only males, but some are specially designed for ladies.

This Jazz 8 am to 6 pm internet package is among them. Super Women’s weekly jazz internet offer code/package/bundle is *117*14#, after dialing you will not get only 12 GB internet, but you will get unlimited jazz to jazz and Warid calls minutes. This package required 0.15 rupees as call setup charges.

SUPER WOMAN BUNDLE (For 7 days)12 GB InternetUnlimited Jazz minsRs 145 dial*117*14#

#3 Jazz Weekly Super Duper Internet Package

Jazz 6 GB weekly internet package is a gift for those who use less internet. This package is subdivided into two models, which means 3 GB jazz internet is from 2 a.m. to 2 p.m. These 6 GB jazz weekly internet packages are in Rupees 278/- incl tax which is not a big deal.

Jazz weekly super duper internet package code is *505# and the user will be able to approach the interface of packaging details. This package has some extra resources too like 1500 jazz mints, 1500 jazz SMS, and 60 other networks in it.

Weekly Super Duper BUNDLE (For 7 days)6 GB Internet,
(3GB from 2 am to 2 pm)
1500 jazz mins / SMS,
60 Other network
Rs 278 dial *505#

#4 Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Internet Package.

Jazz users now can enjoy 25 GB of internet for seven days, which is an amazing offer. Jazz Mega Plus internet offer is also subdivided into 2 phases, one is 10 GB internet from 2 am to 2 pm and the rest GB is for the remaining time. A 25 GB jazz weekly internet package code *159# is required to subscribe to this package which costs 338 rupees.

Weekly Mega Plus Internet Package (For 7 days)25 GB Internet,
(10 GB from 2 am to 2 pm)
Rs 338 dial *159#


We described above some random packages for your ease, now we are sorting out some extra jazz weekly internet packages in detail for your comfort. Maybe there is a minor chance that the package that you select, may not apply or activate, due to the discontinuity of that particular package.

S. NoPackageInternetOther ResourcesValidityRupeesSubscribeStatus
1Jazz New SIM Offer1 GB1000 On-Net and 1000 SMS7 DAYS0*191#Jazz App
2Jazz All Network Weekly3 GB100 Jazz Mints
1000 SMS
90 other network
7 daysRs. 260/-*700#Jazz App
3Jazz 4G SIM offer5 GB500 on net,
500 SMS
7 daysJazz Weekly Extreme Internet package*117*89*2#
4Jazz weekly Extreme Internet package50 GBNilNilRs. 85/- *117*1#*117*1*2#
5Jazz Haftawaar Internet pacakge1000 MB1000 Jazz mints.
1000 sms
50 other network
7 daysRs, 150/-*747#My App

Good-by Words

Jazz not only provides weekly internet packages but also provides daily, weekly, and monthly internet. These all packages are completely available in the undermentioned link. If you want to subscribe best packages, then HITELLO will advise you to go with the Jazz weekly extreme internet package.

In this package, you will get 50 GB of internet for seven days, which is more than enough for one solo user. It is to be noted that jazz is also the name of Warid or Moblink. Moblink was 1st name of jazz and then became jazz. while the Warid is merged into jazz.

Jazz with Warid telecommunication machnism, now become Pakistan’s most user-engaging company. that’s why they provide service in every corner of Pakistan. in other words, might be 80% covered by its service.

Comparison between packages on the base of User.

Jazz Daily internet user
Jazz Weekly Internet user
Jazz Monthly Internet user
1. Jazz weekly all-package
2. Jazz Whatsapp package