jazz weekly packages

JAZZ WEEKLY PACKAGE, Jazz world 2024

Jazz brings from time to time its jazz weekly package along with monthly and daily package. just because of these handsome resources, jazz is leading in the country. Undermention packages are for the week (7 days ), Some packages are for specific areas, like Sargodha, Islamabad, Karachi, Chakwal, and other Sindh, punjab, kpk, and NWFP areas.


JAZZ WEEKLY PACKAGE are so many, but we sorted out some JAZZ WEEKLY PACKAGE packages for your ease.

Package NameResourcesDial ChargesRecharge
Weekly freedom50GB Data
1000 All Network Min 1000 SMS
*737#Rs.430/-(Inc. Tax)
Weekly Super Plus10 GB Internet
5000 Jazz Mins
5000 SMS
120 Other Network Mins
*505#Rs.345/-(Incl. Tax)
Raabta Plus(incl. tax)*7678#Rs.174/-Rs.200/-
Weekly Watsapp bundle 25 MB WA
1500 SMS
*101*1*07#Rs.30/-(Incl. Tax)
Weekly all Network3GB DATA
1000 Jazz Mins
90 Other Network Mins
1000 SMS
Lajawab Haftawar Offer3GB ​DATA
3000 Jazz Mins
30 Other Network Mins
3000 SMS
Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer3000 MB ​DATA
3000 Jazz Mins
30 Other Network Mins
3000 SMS
*627#Rs.130/-(Incl. tax)
Haftawaar All Rounder Offer1GB  DATA
1000 Jazz Mins
50 Others Network Mins​
1000 SMS​
Quetta Haftawaar Offer12GB Data
5000 Jazz Mins
100 Other Network Minutes
5000 SMS
*609#Rs.260/-(incl. tax)
Attock, Harripur & Nowshera Offer10 GB
500 Jazz Mins
50 Other Network Mins
*598#Rs.217/-(incl. tax)
Sindh Raabta Offer1GB Data
1000 Jazz Mins
40 Offnet Mins
*766#Rs.130/-(Incl. tax)
Super Women Bundle(Incl. tax)*117*14#Rs.145/-(Incl. tax)
(Incl. tax)5GB Data
Free WhatsApp (10GB FUP)
500 Jazz Mins
50 Other Network Mins
*545#Rs.173/-(Incl. tax)
Super Taxila Offer500 Jazz Mins
5 GB Data
*596#Rs.139/-(Incl. tax)
Sindh Haftawaar Offer6GB ​DATA
(2 AM-2 PM)
1000 Jazz Mins
100 Other Network Mins
1000 SMS
*406#Rs.278/-Karachi, Hyderabad & Badin Haftawaar Data Offer
Weekly Super Max30GB ​DATA
6000 Jazz Mins
150 Other Network Mins
6000 SMS
*506#Rs.417/-(Incl. tax)
Gujrat & Jhelum Haftawaar Offer10 GB Data
100 All-Net Mins
1000 SMS
*307#Rs.173/-(Incl. tax)
Peshawar, Chakwal & Abbottabad Haftawaar Offer12GB Data
120 All Network Mins
FREE Tamasha App
*109#Rs.260/-12GB DATA
Unlimited Jazz Mins
(8AM – 6 PM)