Jazz Monthly Whatsapp Packages,

Jazz Monthly Whatsapp Packages, Best of 2024

In thе contеmporary еra, it has bеcomе customary for mobilе dеvicеs to comе prе-installеd with WhatsApp (Jazz Monthly Whatsapp Packages). This vеrsatilе app sеrvеs as a hub for communication through calls, mеssaging, and vidеo strеaming.

The ubiquitous nature of WhatsApp is a tеstamеnt to its widеsprеad usagе. In its commitmеnt to providing еxcеptional sеrvicе to its customers, Jazz, a tеlеcom providеr, dеmonstratеs its dеdication by offеring a Jazz Monthly Whatsapp Packages, tailorеd to catеr to thе spеcific nееds and prеfеrеncеs of its valuеd usеrs.

Jazz Whatsapp Monthly Package

Jazz Monthly Whatsapp Packages

This unique Jazz Monthly Whatsapp package stands apart by preserving the data quotas of other concurrent packages. It taps into the dedicated data pool within the Jazz Monthly Whatsapp Packages

As we strive to provide an array of choices to cater to our users’ varied needs and preferences, we’ve meticulously designed a collection of Jazz Monthly Whatsapp Packages, with some specifically designed to include WhatsApp as an integrated feature.

Package NameResourcesDialDaysCharges
Monthly Social Plus10 GB Data (WhatsApp, Facebook & Tamasha)
300 Jazz Mins
50 Other Network Mins
300 SMS
*617#30 daysRs.275/-
South Bemisaal Offer30 days*927#07 daysRs.87/-
North Bemisaal Offer3GB Data
Free Whatsapp(FUP-10GB)

1000 Jazz Mins
1000 SMS
30 Other Network Mins
*928#07 daysRs.87/-
North Bemisaal Offer 23GB Data
Free Whatsapp(FUP-10GB)

1000 Jazz Mins
1000 SMS
30 Other Network Mins
*929#Multan Social offers Facebook & WhatsAppRs.87/-
Multan Social offers Facebook & WhatsApp15GB (YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp)
50 Other Network Mins
500 Jazz Min
500 SMS

Monthly YouTube and social offerRs.390/-
Weekly Whatsapp Package25 MB WA
1500 SMS
*101*1*07#07 daysRs.30/-
Monthly YouTube & Social offer4 GB for WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO on 4G Network only*499#29 daysRs.52/-
Karachi, Hyderabad, Badin Haftawar Data Offer5 GB Data
Free WhatsApp (10GB FUP)

500 Jazz Mins
50 Other Network Mins
*545#07 daysRs.171/-
Karachi Monthly Social Offer5 GB ​DATA (Facebook & Whatsapp)*532#30 daysRs.69/-

Jazz Facebook offers

jazz provides free Facebook for their customers as well. You can use Facebook free with only just one click on the toggle on the top left corner of your Facebook application, by clicking free mode and data mode. Because this is free of charge, that’s why you will face some restrictions, you will not be able to post photos, and videos or even see photos and videos. You only can share posts, comment, and see texture posts, and timelines of your and others too. This service is only available for mobile apps, and not available for the desktop version.

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