UFone Ustar Offer

UFone Ustar Offer Best ufone weekly offer of 2024

Are you looking for Ufone ustar offer in which you will get many resources in just rupees 100, then stay here, because Ufone UStar offer, which is dubbed as the best offer with numerous benefits will be best choice for you.

UFone Ustar Offer

Unlock a wealth of resources with Ufone Ustar offers. When you subscribe to this enticing deal, you’ll enjoy a generous package featuring 1000 Ufone to Ufone call minutes, 1000 SMS, 30 minutes for other networks, and a substantial 5 GB of internet data. Delve into seamless connectivity with 2.5 GB allocated specifically for Facebook and WhatsApp, while the remaining 2.5 GB caters to your diverse online needs.

This enticing offer spans a duration of 7 days, ensuring you stay connected without interruption. To seize the benefits of this exclusive package, simply download the Upaisa application, opening the door to a world of communication and online experiences.

5 GB Internet (1000 MB)

2.5 GB for whatsapp and facebook

2.5 GB for other resources.

1000 SMS

1000 on net minutes

30 off net minutes

Validity 7 days

Upaisa app for activation

Rs 100 (Incl Tax)

Click above tab or see under to know what resouces you will get if you want to get this package.

  • Internet: 5 GB ( 2.5 for facebook and whatsap + 2.5 for flat use)
  • On net call: 1000 minutes.
  • Off net call : 30 Minutes
  • SMS : 1000
  • Validity : 7 days, weekly
  • Price: Rs 100/-
  • For actiation : Istall and activate Upaisa account

What is Ufone Upaisa application?

The Ufone Upaisa application mirrors the functionality of the EasyPaisa app, offering a convenient platform for bill payments, money transfers, ticket purchases, and more. Seamlessly integrated with U bank, Upaisa provides users with a designated account number for their financial transactions upon registration.

To effortlessly sign up for an Upaisa account, all you need is a valid NIC number and a Ufone SIM card. Begin by entering your NIC number, followed by your name and mobile number. After receiving an OTP, create a secure password or PIN to finalize the registration process. With these simple steps completed, your Upaisa account is ready for use, providing you with a hassle-free experience for various financial transactions.

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