Zong Super Weekly Premium

Zong Super Weekly Premium Best Of 2024

Experience top-notch connectivity and calling services with the Zong Super Weekly Premium offer, ranking among the best Zong weekly packages. Tailored for a seamless experience over 7 days, this package ensures superior connectivity and optimal calling services. Zong goes the extra mile by offering users a diverse set of valuable resources for uninterrupted connectivity.

Zong Super Weekly Premium


On Net Minute (Zong to Zong)


Off-Net Minutes


SMS for all Network

8 GB


7 days


Rs 440/-

Incl Tax

*225# or *6464*3*1#

Dail it for the Activation


Zong Super Weekly Premium offer, featuring 5000 on-net (Zong to Zong) minutes, 60 minutes for other networks, 5000 SMS, and 8 GB of internet, all resources are for 7 days for Rs 440 pk. To seize this incredible offer, dial *225# or *6464*3*1 and activate the Zong Super Plus weekly Offer. Stay connected effortlessly with this comprehensive package.

Term and Condition

  1. Zong Term and Condition as 15% Advance Income Tax (AIT) is applied on every credit or package recharge.
  2. A Federal Excise Duty (FED) of 19.5% will be applied where relevant, along with a Sales Tax of 19.5% where applicable.
  3. These packages are valid for just a mention above; after that, users must manually resubscribe.
  4. There are no hidden charges associated with these transactions.
  5. The internet speed provided by Zong is contingent on factors such as location, smartphone type, and signal strength.
  6. YouTube and other streaming data will be counted as the same.
  7. Extra connectivity charges are 1 rupee.

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