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The act of balance sharing often becomes a requisite or a function, especially when encountering emergencies or when the need arises, such as covering activation charges for a package. In times of necessity, one may reach out to others to request balance sharing, and reciprocally, individuals in need of balance are likely to approach you for assistance. Let’s discuss more about transfer balance from Zong to another Zong number.


Zong balance share code

Dial *828# for Balance Transfer, *828*RecipientNumber*Amount#

You can skip this section if you are already familiar with the balance-sharing process. In case you’ve forgotten the code, it’s important to note that 828 serves as the Zong balance share code. If you’re unsure about how to share or transfer the Zong balance between two Zong numbers, this article provides detailed instructions to help enhance your understanding. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance on the process.

How to Transfer Balance from Zong to Zong

This segment is designed for individuals who are not acquainted with the process of transferring Zong balance to another Zong network. The method is straightforward; by following a few instructions, you can easily share the balance from one Zong device to another.

Zong Yari load is an offer from Zong to transfer the balance from Zong to Zong.

Transfer balance from the Zong network is a straightforward process that can be accomplished independently by following the provided instructions. To initiate the balance transfer, simply dial the specified code from your mobile phone. It’s important to note that balance transfer between Zong and other networks, such as Telenor, Jazz, Ufone, or Warid, is not supported. This feature exclusively allows users to send or transfer balances from one Zong SIM to another within the Zong network.

What is a SIM, read about it here.

Follow these instructions to transfer the balance from zong to zong,

  • Ensure you have an ample balance before proceeding with the credit transfer process. Having sufficient balance is crucial, as it enables you to seamlessly transfer credit to other users. Because the customer should left a 5 rupees balance in his account after sharing.
  • Initiate Zong balance sharing by dialing *828* from your mobile keypad.
  • After the Zong balances sharing code, Write the recipient’s phone number to share the balance.
  • It will look like this, *828*03xxxxxxxxxxx*
  • After entering the recipient’s number, specify the desired amount you wish to transfer.
  • At the end, put hash.
  • Transfer balance from Zong code will look like this, *828*03xxxxxxxxxxx*50#
  • In this instance, the user intends to send Rs. 50 to their dear one.
  • Tap the call button to initiate the process, and the sharing procedure will commence.

Is it possible for me to request the Zong balance from someone I know?

Yes, *829# is the code to ask request for the balance from the Zong to Zong.

As a Zong prepaid customer, am I able to request a postpaid customer to send or share the balance with me?

No, only Prepaid customers can share or transfer Zong balance only to prepaid customers.

What is the minimum limit of Transfer balance from Zong sim to any other?

The minimum transferable limit of Zong shares is 10 rupees.

What is the maximum limit of Transfer balance from Zong sim to any other?

The maximum transferable amount of Zong customers is 200/-

How many balance share transactions are allowed for the user?

Zong users can transfer their balance 5 times a day to different or the same customers.

Are there any fees or charges for the transfer or requesting balance?

Yes, there are 5 rupees fees for transfers or requesting balances.

What is the transfer balance from Zong to any other Zong number code?

The Zong balance share code is *828#.


Zong balance transferring is a need of emergency, people do request you are you do request another to share a balance with you. *828# is a song balance sharing code, or if you want to transfer the balance from Zong to another one. While *829# is requesting a balance, means you do request someone other, to send you a balance.

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