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To transfer your balance to the Telenor numbers of friends and family, simply use the provided code. This offer is applicable whenever someone in your circle requests you to share your balance with them.

If you want to Telenor balance, then dial this code, *1*1*923xxxxx*Amount#


Telenor Balance sharing purpose

Telenor, being an international company, offers a diverse range of services to its valued customers. Providing excellent service reflects a company’s commitment to caring for its customers, especially when they are in need. Telenor facilitates this through its service called Telenor Smart Share, allowing you to share your SIM balance with anyone in your circle who requires additional credit.

The reason for sharing balance is straightforward. In times of trouble, when you or someone close to you requires immediate credit, you can benefit from this package. While it’s essentially a Telenor service, some may refer to it as a package as it incurs a certain cost.

How to transfer Telenor Balance from Telenor to Telenor?

A straightforward method exists for sending or sharing your Telenor SIM credit with any desired number. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

  • The initial and crucial step is to verify your balance. If you have sufficient credit, you can proceed with sending the balance, ensuring you retain a minimum of Rs 10 in your mobile after the Telenor balance is shared.
  • You can only share a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 200 rupees with your dear ones.
  • It’s recommended to use the shared amount for voice, SMS, and digital services exclusively.
  • Open your mobile home screen and dial the Telenor balance share code *1*1*.
  • Once you’ve completed writing this code, proceed to input the mobile number to which you intend to send the balance.
  • Following these steps, your code will appear as [ *1*1*92300000000* ].
  • Following the execution of this code, input the amount you wish to share or send to the specified number.
  • Suppose you intend to share an amount of 50 rupees with the number 923444444444; in that case, the entire code will be *1*1*923444444444*50#.
  • Now, press the call button on your mobile phone.

What is the minimum sharing limit for Telenor balance sharing service?

A minimum of Rs 20 can be shared using the Telenor balance-sharing facility.

What is the maximum sharing limit for Telenor balance sharing service?

A maximum of Rs 200 can be shared using the Telenor balance-sharing service named Smart Share.

What is Telenor balance share code? Telenor balance share ka tarika?

If you want to share Telenor balance, the code is as, *1*1*Mobile Number*Amount#

What are the service fees for Telenor’s Smart Share service, i.e., the charges for Telenor balance share service?

The service charge for sharing the Telenor balance is 7 rupees, including taxes.

How many times can a user share balance with others?

A user is allowed to share Telenor balance with others up to 10 times per day

Can I retrieve my Telenor balance if I mistakenly transfer/share it with someone else?

Unfortunately, Telenor does not offer refunds or the ability to retrieve the balance once transferred. Therefore, it’s crucial to input both the number and amount accurately to avoid any issues.

Is it possible to share Telenor balance with my family members residing abroad?

Yes, Certainly, you can utilize the balance-sharing service called Smart Share to send the balance to your loved ones abroad, but this service is available for specific countries. The list of eligible countries can be found on the official website of the service.

How can I activate the Smart Share service, or in other words, the Telenor balance-sharing service?

To activate the Smart Share, also known as Telenor balance sharing service, you can either call 345 or visit any Telenor Sales & Service Centre.

Conclusion Telenor Balance Share

Telenor provides a convenient balance-sharing service called Telenor Smart Share, allowing users to transfer their balance to friends and family in times of need. To initiate the transfer, users can dial the code *1*1*923xxxxx*Amount#. This service reflects Telenor’s commitment to customer care, providing a helpful solution for immediate credit requirements within the user’s circle. Telenor Balance share service charged some amount for providing this service.

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