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Like other telecom providers in Pakistan, Ufone has a longstanding presence in the country and was once a dominant force in the market. However, with the introduction of the Jazz network, its market share experienced a decline. Presently, there is a perception among the public that all networks are essentially following the same strategies in the current landscape.

If you want to share ufone balanace, you just need to dial *828*0333xxxxxxx*10#


Every offer serves a purpose, and the same holds in the case of balance sharing. The fundamental objective of sharing balance is essentially an offer of assistance, a means to help one another. In emergencies, when you or a dear friend or family member finds themselves in a location without access to a retail shop, the need arises to contact their relatives. This is where balance sharing comes into play. When you send a balance to someone in need, they can then proceed to make calls or use it for whatever they require.

In essence, the balance-sharing service is a form of assistance for others. Someday, you might find yourself in need of a balance boost, and for that, users should familiarize themselves with Ufone’s balance-sharing service, including the sending code, associated charges, and terms and conditions.

How to share Ufone balance

Sharing the Ufone balance is a straightforward process, it’s like using a mobile phone or engaging with social media. Simply follow the instructions provided below carefully to ensure a clear understanding and successfully share Ufone balance with others.

  • Before continuing, make sure you have an adequate balance on your Ufone SIM. (Learn how to check your Ufone SIM balance)
  • If you possess sufficient balance, access your mobile home screen and dial *828#.
  • Following the entry of this code, input the mobile number you wish to transfer your balance.
  • Your code will look like this, *828*0333999999*
  • After inputting this information, specify the amount you intend to send to your loved one.
  • Now your code will be as, *828*0333999999*70#
  • In the preceding prompt, the sender is attempting to transfer Rs. 70 to the mobile number 0333999999 (dummy number).
  • Now, tap the call button; this indicates code verification, and the call button will initiate the sending process.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message indicating that you have successfully sent an amount of 70 to that number.

What are the service charges for using the Ufone balance-sharing service?

The service charges for Ufone balance sharing are Rs. 4 + tax.

Are there any conditions for transferring the Ufone balance to another SIM number?

Yes, there is a requirement for sharing balance. Users can only share balances if they have consumed a minimum balance of Rs. 150.

How many times can a Ufone user use (can avail) the balance-sharing service in a day?

A Ufone customer can share the Ufone balance 4 times in a single day.

Are there any fixed charges for sharing a specific amount of Ufone balance?

Indeed, when a Ufone user shares an amount ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 600 in a single transaction, there are fixed charges of Rs. 4.78, regardless of the specific amount sent—be it Rs. 50, Rs. 500, or Rs. 300. The charges remain constant.

What is the minimum Balance amount that a Ufone user can share with their dear ones?

A Ufone user can send a minimum of Rs. 10 as a Ufone balance share.

What is the maximum Balance amount that a Ufone user can send to others as a Ufone balance share?

A Ufone user can send a Maximum of Rs. 600 as a Ufone balance to others.

What is the Ufone balance share code? Ufone balance share karny ka tarika?

The Ufone balance share code is, *828*03339999999*75# [user sending Rs. 75 to mobile number 0333999999.

I accidentally sent Ufone balance to the wrong number; is it possible to retrieve or get a refund?

No, the responsibility lies with you, so please enter the number carefully.


The UFONE balance share service is a convenient and practical feature, particularly beneficial in emergencies when you or someone else requires balance/credit urgently. It provides a convenient method for supporting your family or loved ones. This underscores the importance of every Ufone user understanding how to share balance. In simple terms, Ufone users can initiate balance sharing by sending *828*mobile number*amount#, making it a straightforward process to extend assistance when needed.

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